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Browse through the application and check out the basic functions. Close Instruments and head back to Xcode. Scan the results to identify which rows have the highest percentage in the Weight column. The Visual Memory Debugger pauses your app and displays a visual representation of objects in memory and the references between them. Replace it with the following: Switch to the Memory inspector here.

Xcode instruments tutorial

Close Instruments and head back to Xcode. It appears that the system libraries are not freeing all of their memory, which may be by design or may be a bug. Just perform any search at: Otherwise, you load the image from Flickr and store it in the cache. But wait, what about memory warnings? If you select the reference between the SearchResultsCollectionViewCell and the Swift closure context, you will see that this is marked strong as well. No table view is ready to ship until it scrolls like butter! Getting Visual Quit the Allocations instrument and exit the Instruments suite. If an image already exists in the cache then you call the completion closure straight away with the cached image. This screen displays the Call Tree. These are all different templates that come with Instruments. The time spent in each method can be determined from the number of times the profiler is stopped in each method. Click it and you will see a red flag appear in the track, like so: Replace it with the following: The original tutorial was written by Matt Galloway. It must be time to ship by now! Make sure the searches have some results. And deallocating the SearchResultsViewController will deallocate its collection view, and in turn, the cells. Do this repeatedly for different searches. The image filter is now applied asynchronously and the images are cached in the background, so once they only have to be filtered once. This indicates that the app is running. Use the arrow on the left side of the row to unfold the type and show each SearchResultsViewController instance in memory. Even with Swift and ARC helping manage memory, the most common kind of memory leak is a retain cycle or strong reference cycle. The main window shows a visual representation of objects in memory. There are now 3 SearchResultsViewControllers?!

Xcode instruments tutorial

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Instruments and Unit Testing

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You can detect these cycles using the Allocations instrument in a different way.

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