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The photographer, hearing her answer, shakes his head. But no one thinks this will be an easy battle, because for the madams there are clear advantages in having workers on Oradexon — dissuading them from getting their girls to use the drug will be tough. So if the girls stop taking it, they need a lot of help — they get bad stomach aches, they are sick, they get headaches. Also, my body is used to the medicine now. Getty Images Around women and children work in the same brothel, one of 20 legal ones across the country. They left her at the Kutupalong refugee camp, where she now lives. For a while, she says, her fortunes changed — she fell in love and left the brothel to live with a man.

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Then she takes me to look around the space she calls home: I spend my last morning in Bangladesh here, much of it with Payel, who is 15 and has been taking Oradexon for several months. The tragedy is that today's Ashas are tomorrow's Juainas, and there are thousands upon thousands of women, both old and young, at brothels across Bangladesh. Many of the customers are migrant workers, who are employed in the numerous brick-making factories in the area; other clients are truck drivers, since Faridpur is on an important trading route, and the ferries bringing lorries from Dhaka dock nearby. The brothel is huge: No one is quite sure how long Oradexon has been a feature of life in the brothels, but it has been a while; long enough for the sardarni, or brothel caretakers, to have found out that there can be long-term health implications, and to have chosen to ignore them. Getty Images They are understood to be locked up in squalid brothels where they are at risk of physical and psychological abuse, as well as contracting HIV, until they can buy their freedom. But there the comparisons end. She says she doesn't have another name — "I'm just Asha — it means 'hope'" — and she has been in the brothel for two years. But no one thinks this will be an easy battle, because for the madams there are clear advantages in having workers on Oradexon — dissuading them from getting their girls to use the drug will be tough. With those effects, of course, they can't work — and they can't stop working or they'll have no food, and nowhere to live. Nahar was one of the first people to realise that the drug was being widely used. The photographer, hearing her answer, shakes his head. It is no life at all, and Juaina — a woman who carries herself with dignity, and who talks with the honesty of one who has no need to lie — knows it. Asha thinks it makes her look healthier. The UN and aid agencies said labour and sex trafficking in refugee camps have gotten worse with the recent influx of more than , Rohingya. Juaina Begum is very different. Kids like Rupa, who has been working in Kandipara, northern Bangladesh, since she was 11, have sex with up to a dozen grown men a day while local police turn a blind eye to the illegal act, according to a wide-ranging investigation by The Telegraph in the UK. She was alone - her mother, father and sister had been killed by a mortar shell fired by the Myanmar military during a sweeping crackdown against Rohingya people. She wants to know more about my teenage daughters. She said I had to. Rupa, now 19, told The Telegraph: Asha works in Faridpur brothel as a sex worker. These days there is also a new horror, one that could snuff out the chance of a future for these girls. Many of the girls here have been sold by a stepmother or even their own mothers — and some are second-generation sex workers, born to a prostitute and an unknown client. So stopping it isn't possible. And it is on one of these corridors that I meet the girls who remind me so much of my own girls.

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She has been taking Oradexon for five years, and though she says she was thin once, she is heavy and swollen now.

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