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COM Cable Male Terminal Pinouts So the lesson I've learned is that I will have to verify the pin outs on any cable I use in this manner without factory installed connectors on each end. This computer is very critical to my personal life, and I am not willing to risk it on the navigation desk while underway. I also do not believe the computer will come loose from the shelf. This was a minor issue that I mostly ignored for several years. The cable is connected to the small terminal strip just to the right of the mux. Since I had already invested in Raymarine Raytheon instruments and autopilot I primarily looked at the Raymarine radars and chart plotters. That data is available from the SeaTalk interface. I want to find the best site for the antenna before making that location permanent. After 10 minutes of waiting I re-checked the features for my subscription.


I knew with the upgraded firmware in the Mux that it was now capable of outputting at different Baud rates, so I changed the Baud rate on the HyperTerminal with no better results. A laptop will generally die if you spill a single drop of water on the keyboard and the screen is un-viewable in sunlight. I don't know if the new computer has improved firmware to calibrate the compass and compensate for deviation, or I just did a better job of steering the boat in a steady circle during the calibration. Laptop Computer as Chart Plotter The connection from the Mux output to the computer not only allows me to feed ship data position, wind data, depth, speed, etc. I contacted Sitex to ask about parts or a repair service and was told in no uncertain terms to go away. My guess is the constant exposure to power surges and RF during the voyage across the Atlantic may have weaken some components to the point of subsequent failure. This turned out to be less than adequate as the office suite on that computer was not compatible with the Visual Basic-based spreadsheet applications I have developed for navigation and other purposes. At times it was zero, other times 6 degrees East, and sometimes 60 degrees East. If one fails I can switch to the other with minimal setup time. It takes awhile to download a full set of weather graphics. It was simple, almost. This was not of concern for the autopilot operation as I never set the autopilot to a specific compass heading, rather I always steer the boat onto the intended course and activate the autopilot to steer that course. The M has a remote control port that uses a COM cable. So now I've put together two filter scripts. This pin outs are shown in the drawing on the right. Further, if the C were to fail I would want to have my PC-based navigation software "Talk" to the network as well. Every time I put it back on automatic the value would be wrong. The final result of these problems was the replacement of the original Type autopilot course computer with a type S-3 grey box in the picture on the right and a factory repair and upgrade of the NMEA multiplexer. Here I found the wire colors were not a mirror image of that cable. In my Raymarine configuration there is not a single NMEA source for all of the data available on the network. The SeaTalk junction is the black device below and to the right of the multiplexer. I also do not believe the computer will come loose from the shelf. Things Changed The configuration described above worked fine for over a year, including the sail from Florida to Portugal. Since this is a male connector I have labeled the pin functions as a mirror image of the female computer cable shown above. However with the updated Mux I generated the GGA sentence with empty fields where the additional data is supposed to go and the radios like it just fine. Below is the script I used to perform this edit.


Video about winklink:


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Previously it looked like this was a problem for the ICOM radios, but that was actually not the problem. Dell refurbishes the computers and offers them for auction with only the OS installed Windows Professional and a day warranty.

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