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He struts up to the blonde MILF. Her gaping asshole is spread wide. Cum covered, with a gaping asshole, Christie Stevens knows that she did a good job. She smiles as the messy facial rains down on her pretty face. After multiple orgasms from rough anal sex, Christie Stevens is fucked out and unable to take anymore.

Wing chun quebec

Christie Stevens writhes with excitement. She is flipped onto her back so her asshole can be spread open. The more this blonde fuck doll thinks about it, the nastier she gets. She wants a cock jammed into her tight asshole and to make her feel like the whore she is. The more he plays with her body, the more she wants to feel his big cock push inside of her. He worships her body. Christie Stevens isn't playing games. Steve gives his slut wife what she wants. She gave it her all and was delivered exactly what she craved. She then cleans off her pretty whore face with her tongue. Her anal orgasm is just the beginning. Cum covered, with a gaping asshole, Christie Stevens knows that she did a good job. Christie Stevens takes it like a good whore. The MILF is put on top of the huge cock so she can watch as her asshole is fucked hard. Her huge tits push up against the glass and her tight ass barely fits in her tiny shorts. Steve wants to see the inside of his woman. Christie Stevens goes on a wild ride of anal fucking madness. Her gaping asshole is spread wide. He opens up her tight asshole and soon Christie is feeling the familiar feeling of being used. Christie Stevens has been split open and turned into the anal whore she has always wanted to be. She strips naked and shows the camera her ready to be used pussy and asshole. Christie starts to spit at her own face in the mirror. She is then bent over and fucked deep and hard until she cums. She knows she is here to fuck and be used like a cheap anal whore. She is nude and ready to be used.

Wing chun quebec

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Christie turns herself on thinking about what she is about to do.

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