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If you live in an area prone to flooding, then that is something you should seriously be preparing for. In our area, devastating wildfires passed uncomfortably close to our home. Culinary greetings from the kitchen We also serve a variety of dishes in our restaurant. Enjoy the charge-free daily newspaper. Getting too comfortable I should again raise my hand on this one. List out your budget for supplies.


So this would be a good time to make sure your supplies that you are leaving are well hidden. Just because you have a gun, or any other weapon, does not mean you are secure or safe. I am always paying attention to others, and watching what they do. A good way to do this is write everything down. These are things you need to think about, and have a plan for. You will never know everything, and you will always have the capability of learning. Enjoy the charge-free daily newspaper. Start trying new recipes now that incorporate what you will plan on storing. If your family has never eaten SPAM before, a stressful life changing environment is not a good time to suddenly throw it at them. Not being prepared for the right situations Unfortunately reality T. Keep that in mind when you are prepping. I myself have been guilty of more than one item on this list, how about you? Each hotel room features a telephone. Now granted, by having a network of like minded friends, and co-horts, even if this did happen, you would have a network of people around you to help. When you begin prepping and planning, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture of why you are doing this. I have to add that being prepared for the situations that can happen in your area also means knowing when to leave. When the economy does collapse, and you are safe in your home with your family, do you think about the other three hundred million people that may or may not be outside of your door? You have that bug out bag for a reason. Always store caches in different areas. If you have an injury, you will need to know how to take care of it. You need to have the training, and experience to go along with it. Stockpiling the wrong items This can happen believe it or not, and it often does. Take a look at our list, and see how you measure up. Make yourself at home Ask our knowledgeable receptionists for assistance around the clock. There is no time for this. The conference room can be use for conferences and events.


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The same goes for tornadoes, and hurricanes.

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