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And always, it is all your fault. Add a girlfriend into the mix and it becomes an ugly love triangle. Or they have a relationship. When you first meet them, they put on an act and place you in the center of their world. She will begin sending him texts and calling him at night when the two are you are in bed together.

Why is my boyfriend a douchebag

Ladies, this is not someone you want to spend time with. And always, it is all your fault. He pursues you pretty hard wants to see you almost everyday and even goes to church with you in Spanish only speaks English. But really, it is not like you want him over to snuggle every night. He has his own name tattooed anywhere on his body. He dates you and then all of a sudden he tells you he needs to marry you to stay in the country. However, if he is always on the phone and never has any problems yapping away with other people, then there is a serious problem with the relationship. You want him to stay instead and when you say something to him, he gets even more upset with you. His brother looks absolutely surprised that there is someone, you, with his brother. Has he mentioned you to any of his family members? He invites you out, asks you to pay for dinner and then wants your leftovers. How old are we? Your boyfriend introduces you as a friend and it is clear that his brother never heard of you before. You know that there are three parties going on tonight and you want to stop by at least one of them. Just this night to help you get over the stress. He has a loud engine that you can hear 10 blocks away. Probably not if he is keeping you away from them. Tomorrow comes and goes, and still no phone call. You texted him and he texted back that he will call tomorrow. They think having any of the following: She will start to interrupt dates and have meltdowns where she will insist he either talk to her on the phone or stop over so that she can feel better. You will fail miserably because a true jerk does not want to change. Add a girlfriend into the mix and it becomes an ugly love triangle. Tonight, though, was the very last straw. It would be nice if he was actually there for you when you needed him most. He wants to make out in bars and on the street. It was getting dark out already and he promised you he would be there.

Why is my boyfriend a douchebag

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