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Question submitted by Shawna G. Flatus gases are quite heavy, and you can easily burn the methane molecules that carry the offensive sulfide molecules and the butyric acid gases. They have just a few types of cells organized into a bag with holes in it. I live in the tropics, and it never gets cold here. The gas that emerges is simply trapped air, for there is no gas production in the genitalia of a woman. If you wanted to benefit from other people's farts in the way you describe, you would have to swallow them somehow.

What does a fart smell like

I have asked biologists why dogs and cats generally fart silently, and their theories include: The story of the bed-bound obese man who died from inhaling his own flatus and whose farts almost killed the paramedics is an urban legend that has been in circulation for some time. They have just a few types of cells organized into a bag with holes in it. Farting upwind nullifies this advantage. Here is a message I received regarding the skill of inhaling via the anus: Float some scented candles. This occurs especially frequently during the sex act, when air in the genitalia gets compressed and is forced out at high pressure. Buy this poster at Art. Click here to see fart rhymes, fart riddles, wise fart sayings, the answers to "Who did it? Question submitted by the pro farter The sense of taste detects substances that are either liquid or dissolved in liquid. Do fart particles disperse in the air and float around until they hit something and then stick to it? If a fart were to be dissolved in water, carbon dioxide would interact with water to produce carbonic acid, and hydrogen sulfide would make hydrosulfuric acid. This way, you capture a fairly pure fart uncontaminated by atmospheric air. Question submitted by BSneed Our ability to distinguish between the need to fart and the need to poop is something that we learn gradually in the process of toilet training and early childhood. Question submitted by Dylan That depends on what you are trying to achieve. It can also happen to a woman who experiences a queef during her period. This is quite funny waiting on a train station platform on a cold dark frosty morning. When such a mixture enters the digestive system, the solids condense on the walls and other objects in the gut, or go into suspension in liquids in the system. He said that modern fish have an air bladder that is independent of the gastrointestinal tract. Use a Water Bath When you drop your load on the commode, the water in the toilet acts as an effective way to trap odors. She thought of farts as yellow, and said that she knew they were rectangular because she could feel the sharp corners scraping against her on the way out! What would happen if someone farted on Venus? My initial response to this question was "no," but I thought I'd better ask a doctor. Also, goldfish have a very simple digestive system and their food is absorbed inefficiently, so possibly the bacteria have more to feed on? Venus already has a lot of sulfur compounds in its atmosphere, so a fart on Venus probably wouldn't even produce much of a smell. Fossil farts are extremely rare, but they have recently been discovered to exist by University of Massachusetts at Amherst biologist Lynn Margulis and her colleagues.

What does a fart smell like

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Could You Outrun A Fart?

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Question submitted by MtBfTr No, inhaled farts would go into the lungs rather than into the digestive system, and would simply be exhaled again, although it might be possible that some of the fart components might be absorbed into the blood. Methane is an explosive substance that carries the foul-smelling sulfide molecules.

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