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Corrected SQL error for Affiliate referral tracking links. Vendo is the only biller that uses AI to grow your business. Corrected Rocketgate Integration to ensure passthrough information is sent in the correct order. Added settings to curl requests from NATS. Updated the member details page to show the correct expire date among multiple subscriptions. Corrected display of blank transaction in member details if member has a NATS v3 transaction. Corrected issue where the incorrect subscription is found on deductions within the Rocketgate Integration. Corrected an issue where searching members where not all results would display. Corrected issue with extracting data on a Vendo Services postback Corrected the display of Adtools on initial load of the Affiliates Adtool page.

Vendo support cancel

Updated how NATS code details are displayed in the affiliate area when overriding as an affiliate. Added Payze specific reports into permissions limitation settings for Admins. Optimized temporary table creation when retrieving adtool rules. Details on best practices can be found here. Updated the Check Default payment dump header to include the correct information. Corrected Rocketgate Integration to ensure passthrough information is sent in the correct order. Customer support and risk are localized, too. Updated the default view of the Ratio Report to be the last period rather than the past days. Encryption key is specified when editing a site tour. Updated Site Partner set up to include an End date when setting up site partner payout. Corrected linkcode error when generating links through the "Gallery Links" section of the Adtools admin. Corrected issue where Affiliate automatic login did not record the login time. Added a new Terms of Service feature. Added checks to ensure affiliates see the correct skin when multiple skins are available. Added ability for Epoch to reactivate members via a postback. Added Checks to Vendo Services Poll to prevent errors. Added settings to curl requests from NATS. Corrected problems with information being displayed to affiliates for the Gallery Builder Module. Added feature to require confirmation if a user wishes to be removed from a mailing list. Added GigaDat as a third party payment processor. Steven, Founder - CEO Due to the nature of our industry, we are at the mercy of the traditional billing companies and processing options, which have no incentive to reinvest their profits for the purpose of innovation, research and technology. Added a "test" variable to emails being sent out so Smarty logic can be applied in the event of a test email. Corrected error in Segpay Tokenplus integration Corrected the get member string API function calls to output just the string rather than the Array. Added feature allowing owners to see how often a surfer is redirected to a particular biller. Corrected issue when reusing existing member on cross sales to ensure correct affiliate is credited. Added validation check when extending membership for Payze member. Added option information and option details to be available on upgraded and upgradeplus page.

Vendo support cancel

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Corrected issue when setting redirect rule specific to "Type-In" traffic. Added Throttling to the members password retrieval script.

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