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Later in the series, Franky starts building tanks using the revolutionary metal. This also has the benefit of making it difficult for the Church Militant to try to kill him, since the Church would be in a lot of trouble if they were found to be behind an assassination attempt of such a prominent societal figure. Spider-man points out he could cure cancer with the technology he uses to turn people into dinosaurs. Terrific describes the device's ingenuity as, " The Terror Twins are the other example, they didn't know any way to use their power other than to steal, until Orange Lantern points out that they are perfect for specialized heavy labor. Able to flawlessly imitate anyone's physical abilities after seeing them in action once, he initially made money and his reputation training flunkies for supervillains , teaching them how to take down their superhero opponents. Psychopomp admits she hadn't thought of that. What does she use it for? In Other People's Heroes , after the most vile villains were eliminated, most of the rest of them fell in line, happy to work for a steady paycheck and the chance to smash things up in a sanctioned manner.

Ultimate revenge pranks

Shocker, the villain organization from the original series , had the scientific knowledge to create fully-functioning cyborgs and human-animal hybrids in , but rather than using these technologies to revolutionize medicine, all they want to do is Take Over the World. Team Rocket attempts to poach a group of wild Pikachu along with Ash's, naturally. What does she use it for? And yet despite having earned better money during those times — to say nothing of not being on the run from the law — he claims to have felt a much lesser sense of achievement from this than from robbing banks, despite the much greater failure rate, smaller financial returns and lengthy prison sentences. Ray leases Penny's bubblegum machine to pay for his shopping spree. Instead, he takes time off from extortion and corporate skulduggery to stuff space rocks into robots and hold orphanages hostage. Upheld with the main character from the 's horror comic "The Man Who Tricked The Devil", a rich, and famous lawyer. As Rodimus Prime, he is the vanguard for the Autobot ranks. Terrific describes the device's ingenuity as, " Later, Penny sells another invention to a villain for a thousand dollars. Snart is brought up as a specific example, he has severe paranoia and psychosis due to his abusive father and isn't capable of functioning in a civilian setting. In Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles , Sacks has a building in downtown Manhattan, a mansion home outside of town, helicopter, resources to have labs - but he's evidently not rich enough. What makes their obsession even worse is that Ash's Pikachu is, at least at first, no more powerful than any Pikachu could hypothetically become: The Goliath Corporation in the Thursday Next novels are an absolutely giant monolith who practically own Great Britain; still they insist on harebrained schemes like trying to enter fiction on a wide-scale basis. Bribe the man with the key. Possesses acute military prowess. In other words, Lex is perfectly capable of playing the legitimate marketplace like a fiddle and regularly does so as a matter of course, but because he views himself as an ubermensch , he considers the idea of just playing by society's rules and getting rich and famous to be beneath him. A brilliant nerd not unlike Peter who was present as Spider-Man's first fight with Crusher Hogan, Clash begins using his supreme intellect to craft a "superhero" identity for himself, utilizing sound wave. It's largely thanks to his technology that Duel Monsters becomes the most popular game in the world, and in pretty much every sequel or spinoff, it's shown that KaibaCorp is well past Mega-Corp level, with its machines integrated into every level of society. Of course, this was less about turning legit and more about letting time defeat Sonic as Mogul's immortal. If you'd just mass produce them, you'd be ten times richer than Bruce Wayne by now. She's the oldest confirmed immortal in the world. It's suggested that the leader of a communist dictatorship is behind this, and he needs the gold to pay for weapons he's bought from the Soviet Union. Morrow beats Luthor having built multiple fully sapient androids and working tesseracts, and fellow Mad Scientist Professor Ivo is similar, having created Amazo, an android with "adaptive cells" capable of duplicating superpowers. While he is a criminal, seeing all his sand powers can do should be enough to motivate the President to give the Sandman a free pardon in exchange for him singlehandedly ending The War on Terror.

Ultimate revenge pranks

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On the flipside, we have Bull, a retired villain with money issues. Snart is brought up as a specific example, he has severe paranoia and psychosis due to his abusive father and isn't capable of functioning in a civilian setting.

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