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He was a little over seven inches long, moderately thick, cut, a reddish-purple head with a light-brown shaft. If Ray saw it, he didn't react, hammering himself in and out of Cynthia's tight, slippery vagina. He'd reacted poorly the first time she intentionally flashed her naked crotch at a guy in the park, and Cynthia had afterwards refrained from such fun. At certain angles, the highlight will not exist in your line of sight. The addition of these values are subtle, but do their job in transforming a flat surface into a more shapely one. This will give you a much wider range of motion compared to using just your wrist or finger joints.


Women, many of them, were not much better. Shading in many layers. She turned and Ray met her for a deep, lovely kiss, his tongue moving slowly in circles around her own. A drawing shaded like this will look very scratchy. Cynthia's orgasm crashed in as the weight of her body pushed Ray's cock deep into her bowels. But she finally said, "Okay He held her tightly as he squeezed the last spurts of cream inside her, then fell away, stumbling a moment then rising upright. Ray slowed and pulled out of her. She shuddered from the excitement, goosebumps bubbling up on her arms and chest. The appearance of the core shadow can be affected by reflections or multiple light sources. Ray's balls were trimmed, too, just a sparse few dark, short hairs left to tickle her chin. These reflections can vary in color and value. Select any 3 objects around you and simplify them using geometric shapes. Move your hand high up on the pencil and away from the tip. The addition of these values are subtle, but do their job in transforming a flat surface into a more shapely one. Thea leaned down and met my lips in a passionate kiss. Follow this pattern using one or multiple pencils: Cynthia moaned into his mouth when his hands grabbed her butt tight and opened her cheeks, giving the young Chinese woman a full view of Cynthia's tight brown anus. I was wondering if you are free for lunch today? I have to go above and beyond to gain respect and acceptance, and even then, it is often given only grudgingly. Gradually increase your pressure as you go. Oh, cum for me A bright light flashed from outside, somewhere near the voyeur's patio. Select 3 very different faces from a magazine and draw vertical and horizontal contour lines across each face. Cynthia loved to please, and when Ray told her what he wanted, it just made it more fulfilling to do as he commanded.


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Ray jerked her mostly upright and thrust up into her ass, suddenly positioned below her. Add a darker layer of graphite over your first layer from left to right and ease up on the pressure as you approach 1.

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