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Among all bears, polar bears are unique for two reasons: Kodiak bears are the largest bears and could be the largest terrestrial carnivore, along with polar bears. It has several subspecies, the most notable are the Kermode bear U. Polar bears can weight up to kg, and can stand 3 meters tall. The spectacled bear is largely herbivorous, but occasionally hunts for food, making it South America's largest terrestrial carnivore.

Types of bears

Overall its fur is blackish in color, though bears may vary from jet black to dark brown and to even a reddish hue. Giant Panda Wikimedia Commons The giant panda is probably the most distinctive-looking bear in the world and also one of the most endangered, which has led to its becoming sort of a symbol of the conservation movement. Polar Bear Ursus maritimus Polar bears are related to brown bears, and are possibly the largest land carnivores in the world. Sun Bear Helarctos malayanus Sun bears are found all over Southeast Asia, and are identifiable by the typical crescent-shaped band around their neck. It's also one of the most frustrating animals to try to save, as its diet is absurd and it seems to have little interest in reproducing. Males are a third larger than females in dimensions and sometimes twice their weight. Sign up to receive our weekly email newsletter and never miss an update! Brown bears range in colour from almost black, brown to very light brown or blonde. This small size renders them prone to predation from tigers, leopards, and pythons. They were the apex predators of their territory, and may have been "kleptoparasites," basically intimidating other large predators dire wolves, saber-toothed tigers into giving the bears their prey. They have very thick fur, despite being tropical animals, and have specializations for eating insects a hard palate for crushing them, strong claws for digging, that kind of thing. Unlike other American black bears, most of the spirit bear's diet comes from fish. These shaggy-haired bears can be heard sucking up termites a long distance away. There's no other animal as big in its range, and it commonly walks on its hind legs, leaving mysterious footprints in the snow that have been interpreted as ape-like. They can be tamed, and have been used for entertainment for centuries. Compared to other living bears, this species has a more rounded face with a relatively short and broad snout. Around lbs kg males ; around lbs kg females. Spectacled Bear Tremarctos ornatus The spectacled bear, also called the Andean bear, is the only bear present in South America. That said, it's estimated that there are only about , spirit bears in the world. Asiatic black bears are found across Afghanistan, Pakistan, northern India, the Himalayas, the Indochina region, and eastern China. Matter of fact, if you consider it a terrestrial and not a marine animal, it'd be the largest terrestrial predator in the world. It has no known subspecies. Want more news like this? The black and brown colour phase of the black bear is common. Notable subspecies of this bear are U.

Types of bears

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The spirit bear is notable for a coat somewhere between white and cream.

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