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This article has taken a look into the eight different types of Hindu matrimony, but, the most acceptable for Hindu culture would be Brahma. Non-sororal polygyny It is a type of marriage in which the wives are not related as the sisters. Child marriage is legal in most parts of Africa and Asia alike. Paishaca marriages are the last type of Hindu matrimonies. Types or forms of marriage in different communities, societies and cultural groups differ according to their customs, practices and systems of thought.

Type of marriage

Polygamy is a type of marriage in which there is plurality of partners. It is found in all civilized societies. It is these things that make the basis for Brahma marriage, not a system of dowry. Paishaca marriages are the last type of Hindu matrimonies. Serial monogamy is also sometimes used to refer to cases where the couples cohabitate without getting married. Same-sex marriage is illegal in most parts of Africa and Asia alike. Here a spouse has the same single spouse throughout his life. Marriage is one of the most ancient, important, universal and indispensable social institution which has been in existence since the inception of human civilization. Sororal polygyny It is a type of marriage in which the wives are invariably the sisters. This also applies if the prospective wife is considered to be 'bad luck' or a 'bad omen' astrologically. For there is not now necessity of begetting children, as there then was, when, even when wives bear children, it was allowed, in order to a more numerous posterity, to marry other wives in addition, which now is certainly not lawful. It is just opposite of fraternal polyandry. Inspite of his remarriage he remains to be monogamous. Monogamy, polyandry, and polygyny[ edit ] Polyandry a woman having multiple husbands occurs very rarely in a few isolated tribal societies. When marriage takes place between the children of either two sisters or two brothers it is known as parallel cousin marriage. You tend to implode rather than explode. These people have agreements with their spouses that permit other intimate relationships or sexual partners. Among the Todas one of the husbands goes through what is called a bow and arrow ceremony with the woman and thereby becomes the legal father of her child. However, there are several types of marriage which is classified on different basis. Serial monogamy In many societies individuals are permitted to marry again often on the death of the first spouse or after divorce but they cannot have more than one spouse at one and the same time. In some society it is considered as a religious sacrament whereas in other society it is a social contract. You like to keep things exciting. Christian acceptance of monogamy[ edit ] In the Christian society, a "one man one woman" model for the Christian marriage was advocated by Saint Augustine AD with his published letter The Good of Marriage. Polyandry is divided into two types such as fraternal polyandry and non-fraternal polyandry. Members of a particular gotra or clan supposed to have close blood relation among themselves.

Type of marriage

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