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In season 10, however, he has now come to regret his decision in allowing Alan and Jake to live with him as he has grown tired of Alan taking advantage of his generosity and always dreams about the Harpers not living with him anymore. A homosexual doctor at the hospital also thinks Walden is gay and says "Thats why we gave up women, right buddy? Kate told Walden that they'd have to see what happens but Walden declared that he loved her. On February 14, Walden is alone and depressed, but is overjoyed when Kate returns to him, but only to give him the money back he loaned her; she reveals that she has a new manager: Despite his emotional immaturity, he is quite smart, as he has designed a website Microsoft bought, as well as he knew what the difference between organic and grass fed meat. An intelligent young woman who works at Disney World as Cinderella. Kate, unaware of Rose's history with Walden, told Rose that she's crazy about Walden. They also participated in a drunken orgy together. Although he got out because the water was too cold.

Two and a half men waldon

Walden realized that he really didn't think things through. In February , after continued verbal attacks against series creator Chuck Lorre by Sheen, CBS announced that Two and a Half Men would suspend production for the rest of its eighth season. She has a very good relationship with Walden's mother Robyn, which is proven when they team up to remove Walden as president of his company. During high school, he started to date Bridget , who would later become his wife. Most likely to be the final event before his debut on the series, his wife Bridget threw him out of the house, announcing she wants to divorce him. Nicole[ edit ] Nicole is a girl who used to work for Walden before he fired her. She asks him to find a job, so he goes out selling Christmas trees. December Bridget[ edit ] Walden first met Bridget in high school, where they fell in love and eventually got married. Jake, however, manages to seduce her under the false impression that he was the same age as her and the two later end up having sex. This section needs additional citations for verification. Walden hair cut Personality When he was introduced to the series, Walden was a depressed, childish, suicidal, immature billionaire who threw himself into the ocean to make his wife feel sorry for throwing him out, before getting out of the ocean and asking Alan if he can use his phone. His housekeeper, who used to lust for him when they first met. Rose, who gets Kate away from Walden by flying her to China. In the following episode, " People Who Love Peepholes ", Alan moves out of the house to live with his mother, but his friendship with Walden strengthens and Walden lets Alan move back into the house. Kate says he should find a job and so he goes out job hunting and finds a job selling Christmas trees. As Alan's wedding ends in disaster, he and Alan have another talk on the couch, saying he wants Alan to continue living with him and to go back to the way things were when they moved in with each other three years ago, just two friends hanging out. Rose[ edit ] Apparently, Rose continues to stalk the Harper family regardless of Charlie's death and Walden is a victim of circumstance. The two get along, and when Walden tells Alan, he tells him that she is trouble. Walden is the deuteragonist of the show throughout the final 4 seasons seasons 9 - 12 , but there are many episodes where he is the main focus. Rose continues to stalk him but he and she have sex when he believes his life to be in danger; they make up for all the wrongs they have done to each other in the past. He therefore skipped it but ended up quitting MIT it is unknown if it was for the same reason. The redecorated house included a voice-activated command to turn the lights on and off and get ice from the refrigerator, by the use of Walden's voice, but not Alan's. She meets Walden and the two have sex most of the time they're together, she reveals herself as a con when Bridget pays her to leave. After hearing no from her he decides to set up a dinner in front of Nicole's garage where they work. She sides with Walden when his mother and ex-wife try to take his company from him, to which they win, but is disappointed when he renames the company Walden Loves Alan Enterprises instead of Walden loves Zoey Enterprises. A hot year-old, who just wants to have sex with Walden, but he is more interested in her grandmother.

Two and a half men waldon

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She shares many interests with Walden, most notably astronomy. They try to maintain a strictly platonic workplace relationship, but eventually reveal their feelings for one another.

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