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This continues for approximately four years until the final shape of the breast size, volume, density is established at about the age of During sexual arousal , breast size increases, venous patterns across the breasts become more visible, and nipples harden. Some writers have suggested that they may have evolved as a visual signal of sexual maturity and fertility. Physical changes to the breasts are often recorded in the stretch marks of the skin envelope; they can serve as historical indicators of the increments and the decrements of the size and volume of a woman's breasts throughout the course of her life. Plastic surgery can be performed to augment or reduce the size of breasts, or reconstruct the breast in cases of deformative disease, such as breast cancer. These glands secrete oily fluid that lubricate and protect the nipple during breastfeeding. The milk-glands-to-fat ratio is 2: Shape, texture, and support The morphologic variations in the size, shape, volume, tissue density, pectoral locale, and spacing of the breasts determine their natural shape, appearance, and position on a woman's chest. By mid-pregnancy, the breast is physiologically capable of lactation and some women can express colostrum , a form of breast milk.

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In many countries, breastfeeding in public is common, legally protected, and generally not regarded as an issue. Factors that appear to be implicated in decreasing the risk of breast cancer are regular breast examinations by health care professionals, regular mammograms , self-examination of breasts , healthy diet, and exercise to decrease excess body fat. As a mammary gland , the breast is composed of differing layers of tissue , predominantly two types: High levels of oxytocin trigger the contraction of muscle cells surrounding the alveoli, causing milk to flow along the ducts that connect the alveoli to the nipple. Breast size and other characteristics do not predict the fat-to-milk-gland ratio or the potential for the woman to nurse an infant. The breasts can also become enlarged from adverse side effect s of combined oral contraceptive pills. The areola contains modified sweat glands known as Montgomery's glands. Some writers have suggested that they may have evolved as a visual signal of sexual maturity and fertility. The space between the breast and the pectoralis major muscle, called retromammary space , gives mobility to the breast. Milk exits the breast through the nipple, which is surrounded by a pigmented area of skin called the areola. These glands secrete oily fluid that lubricate and protect the nipple during breastfeeding. They are sensitive to the touch as they have many nerve endings; and it is common to press or massage them with hands or orally before or during sexual activity. Puberty Five-stage Tanner Scale The morphological structure of the human breast is identical in males and females until puberty. However, even though the practice may be legal or socially accepted, some mothers may nevertheless be reluctant to expose a breast in public to breastfeed [49] [50] due to actual or potential objections by other people, negative comments, or harassment. This condition of asymmetry is transitory and statistically normal in female physical and sexual development. Normally, males produce lower levels of estrogens and higher levels of androgens , namely testosterone , which suppress the effects of estrogens in developing excessive breast tissue. Many cultures, including Western cultures in North America, associate breasts with sexuality and tend to regard bare breasts as immodest or indecent. The tissue composition ratios of the breast also vary among women. Breast tenderness during pregnancy is common, especially during the first trimester. Nipple stimulation may trigger uterine contractions, which then produce a sensation in the genital area of the brain. The female adult breast contains 14—18 irregular lactiferous lobes that converge at the nipple. Clinical significance Main article: For pubescent girls in thelarche the breast-development stage , the female sex hormones principally estrogens in conjunction with growth hormone promote the sprouting, growth, and development of the breasts. Some women's breasts have varying proportions of glandular tissue than of adipose or connective tissues. The breasts become larger, the nipple-areola complex becomes larger and darker, the Montgomery's glands enlarge, and veins sometimes become more visible. The adipose tissue and milk glands also begin to wither. In some African cultures, for example, the thigh is regarded as highly sexualised and never exposed in public, but breast exposure is not taboo.

Tumblr latin boys

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Lactation in newborns is caused by hormones from the mother that crossed into the baby's bloodstream during pregnancy. Lactation unrelated to pregnancy is known as galactorrhea.

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