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Locates, preserves, collects, and processes physical evidence; takes photographs; dusts for fingerprints; makes sketches and diagrams; maintains chain of custody. New DPS Employee accounts take approximately 2 weeks from date of hire to be activated. Investigates crimes, incidents, traffic crashes, alarms, and suspicious activity or circumstances. The dispatchers are trained to carefully question each caller to determine the nature, exact location and seriousness of each call. Communications is the operations center of the Sheriff's Office. Performs other duties as assigned.


Communications is the operations center of the Sheriff's Office. The Corrections Officer is supervised by the shift corporal or designated officer. The online enrollment form serves as confirmation. Dispatchers also answer calls. Learns names and identification numbers and recognizes faces of problem inmates by observing and receiving information from other officers so that such persons can be closely observed; briefs the officer on next shift as to unusual activities, and inmate status. Constantly observes inmates to detect violations of institutional regulations or any unusual physical appearance or behavior of inmates in various locations throughout the institution such as recreational activities to protect the security, safety, and welfare of inmates. Detects unusual odors such as marijuana, fires, or alcohol to protect the security, safety, and welfare of inmates. Instructs departmental orientation and training courses as required. Communication Division The Communications Section is a 24 hour operation, days a year. There you will find well prepared menu selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Investigates crimes, incidents, traffic crashes, alarms, and suspicious activity or circumstances. Uses discretion and judgment within the limits of the law and departmental policy to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Dispatchers are responsible for dispatching units to those calls and responding to requests from the units for information or additional assistance, such as ambulance, DPS, wrecker, fire department, etc. Give us a call at They answer an average of calls from the public monthly. Talks to residents, merchants, and visitors to maintain good community relations. Performs related work as directed by superior officers. Amenities An on-site cafeteria is available for your convenience. The Corrections Officer works in all phases of prisoner care and jail operations. Students enrolling in these courses are required to provide a copy of their law enforcement credentials at time of registration. Attends briefings, and training as required. No other payment method is accepted. Completes short forms such as head counts, bedding inventory, and safety reports to provide routine information. Offenses that were committed while the individual was a juvenile will receive the same consideration and will be held to the same standard as adult offenses. A particular position using this title may not perform all duties listed in this job specification. Dispatches calls for service to appropriate units in accordance with established priorities.


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