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Do a patch test somewhere else on your body before applying it to your pubic zone. Or make your own at home using shea butter, olive oil, baking soda, and a few drops of essential oil. Pirrotta suggests gentle exfoliators that contain jojoba beads or ground walnut. Shave all the hair that visibly sticks out of your underwear. What do you do? Pictures Like your face needs exfoliation before a shave, so do your sensitive bits. In the nick of time There may be cuts or nicks—especially on your first time. The rich gel formula washes out with no fuss. Here are the three most popular, go-to designs:

Tips for manscaping

More than an anti-itching cream for your gonads, it also soothes eczema, bug bites and sunburns. These methods are perfectly safe when done by a trained professional, but if done improperly, can cause some uncomfortable side effects , including redness, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Pre-shave oil acts as a barrier to the skin. This can save you some time trimming around your tricky, delicate scrotum skin. Pull your skin to keep it taut to get all of the hairs. What should I do about rashes, bumps, or ingrown hairs? Try using an electric razor. If you have mad skills and a steady hand, Tweezerman scissors can be used for more personalized touch. The kind of pubic hair design depends on what you like and how much maintenance you want to do. To operate during the transition phase, Pirrotta suggests Junk Stuff that will soothe chafing, dryness, irritation from the pubic area to your balls. Bumps Use a soothing, natural lotion or cream to relieve irritation. Waxing and threading tips Choose a shop that uses safe methods. In situations when no one else is available, she advises patience — and the right tools. Pirrotta suggests avoiding any products that could cause in-grown hairs: This process should be repeated every weeks. Here are the best: Your balls smell and that's not okay "Ladies agonizingly wax and pluck around the bikini line to maintain a sense of dignity that men are slow to embrace reciprocating," Kristan Serafino , a Hollywood hairstylist and beauty expert who's worked with Ryan Reynolds and Matthew McConaughey, tells Mashable. Dampen your pubes to soften the hairs and make them easier to cut. Shave all the hair above your penis, but leave the hair on your balls and the base of your penis. Chemical depilatories Chemical depilatories weaken keratin in hair so that it loosens from its follicle and can be wiped off with a towel or gentle exfoliating sponge. Your chest, your back, your clippers and these hacks "You may feel like a contortionist clipping your back hair," says Serafino. Exfoliators prevent in-grown hairs, which can become red and infected. Pubic hair, unlike head hair, stops growing at a certain point. Consider shaving less frequently if you get bumps every time you shave. Replace your blades often.

Tips for manscaping

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Summer Manscaping Tutorial & TOTAL BODY Grooming Guide!

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