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Turns out it was all for naught, and it was a surprise that the fateful moment came tonight and not in the finale. Joe is on the roof. Martin gets to show off his singing voice again. This show is just magical perfection. Will he walk away? Super sad music plays while everyone is solemn. Cisco tries to console H. Sad music is playing too, so you know everyone is melancholy. It is midnight on Infantino Street.

The flash episode 322

Wally and Joe sneak her to Earth-2, to Harry. Make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan. He gets the tech and then escapes as the door closes, leaving Snart in there. What do you all think? The cast is top notch. Is Iris really, truly dead? Is Killer Frost trying to use some psychology on this time remnant? Barry and Cisco part ways. Barry wants to steal it. This show is just magical perfection. Michael Allowitz directed the episode with story by Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Grainne Godfree Captain Cold actually figures out a different way to do it, taunting Barry in the process. Both myself and Iris Candice Patton were happy to see this lighthearted Barry without all the darkness and pain, falling in love with her all over again. He hesitates then, becauseā€¦ King Shark is where the plan goes off the rails. Well, he did say throwing the plan away would probably be necessary. With them set to go, Iris and Barry say goodbye. The real Barry arrives, just a minute or so too late. The season finale of The Flash airs next Tuesday at 8: That might make the difference. Iris send Barry for caviar, and leaves him a video message. Savitar quickly makes the trip to Earth-2, easily defeating Kid Flash and possibly injuring him badly in the process. Turns out it was all for naught, and it was a surprise that the fateful moment came tonight and not in the finale. Barry is ready to kill him, but Snart saves him from that fate. Martin is soooo good at evoking emotion from his audience. Tuesday, May 16th, , 8: Savitar comes with Caitlin.

The flash episode 322

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Iris dying, plan failed - Episode 322 - The Flash

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He tells Barry about his vision of a battle with Caitlin in a forest, and Barry gives his blessing for his friend to save their mutual friend.

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