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Start with slow, shallow thrusts, and remain completely aware of your bodies, your energies and particularly your genital area. Women are usually very content with soft penetration and the experience of subtle ecstatic emanations from the penis. Put on a soft, relaxing music playlist that will play for at least 2 hours. Start at non-erogenous zones back, neck, head, hands, legs, feet , then slowly excite their sexual energy, touching their bottom, inner thighs and genitals. Keep asking for feedback and remind your beloved to relax, breathe fully, and stay present. Drawing on her extensive experience in meditation, yoga, reiki and spiritual arts, she guides her clients with care, warmth and loving compassion on their tantric path. Many people who are new to tantra have declared the eye-gazing exercise awkward and weird… until they tried it! Shake Your Body Alive Re-sensitize your body and to release any tension or blockages.

Tantric sex torrent

Have an open mind and open heart, even if something seems silly to you at first. Start at non-erogenous zones back, neck, head, hands, legs, feet , then slowly excite their sexual energy, touching their bottom, inner thighs and genitals. Pick a day and time that works for both of you. Breathe deeply — simply be together in silence until all the worries of the day are gone. Erections such as these do not need stimulation to keep them going. It is a by-product of a special constellation of factors, among which are awareness, presence, relaxation, and love. The male partner sits down cross legged, while the female sits down on top of his legs facing him clothed or naked. Practice these methods to reconnect to your lover, and in no time, you will master the ancient art of tantra!! Be sure to stick to your special date, only rescheduling if absolutely necessary. Set aside at least two hours to truly celebrate your relationship. Allow your bodies to tune in to each other; to merge together in this beautiful embrace. Embrace each other and breathe fully together. You can also play a guided meditation, meditative music, or just sit in silence. And make sure that the temperature is just right so that both of you are comfortable. Softly touch their skin with flowers, fabrics, feathers, ice, hot wax, fingertips. Guide your consciousness to travel up and down your spine — between your heart and your genitals, and notice all the sensations in your body. The penis unfolds as a slow snake winding upward in circular spirals. Set The Mood Prepare for your lover by cleaning and adorning your bed with comfortable cushions and blankets. Try to eye-gaze between 5 and 15 minutes. The head of the penis can enter the vagina and gradually open it along its entire length, gently probing slowly but surely up the canal. Lack of Sensitivity The first few times soft penetration is tried most men will find that they do not feel much in their penises. A single penetration can easily be extended to many minutes. In fitting snugly together with sustained contact, penis and vagina respond to each other according to an innate intelligence. A true erection is an electromagnetic response to the equal and opposite force exerted by the vagina. Even better, you can join them in the bath tub!

Tantric sex torrent

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From a soft state, the penis can slowly rise as a direct response to the vagina surrounding it. It will feel like a long time at first until you connect on the Soul level, and this connection will feel wonderful and delicious.

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