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Considered the most beautiful and obvious of the Royal National Parks' sea anemone is the waratah anemone Actinia tenebrosa named after the waratah flower due to its corresponding flame red coloration. Soils on plateau land are often up to 2m deep and consist of on sandstone ridges: Long-finned eels Anguilla reinhardtii which migrate from oceanic spawning grounds as babies and adults mature in the creeks and streams of the Royal National Park and can often be seen in the murky depths of pools and ponds along freshwater courses such as the Hacking River. In these turpentine forests often hundreds of cabbage palms Livistona australis may be seen growing in dense tall thickets which are rarely touched by fire or they may exist as young plants in open grassy spaces which are burnt regularly enough not to form visible trunks. Vegetation in the mangroves consists almost exclusively of the grey mangrove Avicennia marina var. A series of sandstone rockshelves and rock pools fringe the entire coastline and Port Hacking Estuary Line of the National Park broken on by small sandy beaches and gentle freshwater inlets. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Sutherland national park

It had long been closed to traffic and now forms one of the most popular walking and cycling tracks in the park. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. An example of this vegetation occurs in the southern stretch of the Coast Walk, often referred to as the "Palm Jungle", and includes a typical tuckeroo Cupaniopsis anacardioides forest, under grown by coastal tea tree Leptospermum laevigatum and long-Leaf matrush Lomandra longifolia. There are a small number of rocky coves. Families enjoy playing in the calm lagoon with their young children whilst adults enjoy the clean, even surf. Aboriginal rock art sites are visible which were used as initiation sites, the name Jibbon stems from the Dharawal word for Port Hacking, "Djeebun". Cycling is allowed on some fire trails and only on specially marked tracks within the Park. In times of extreme fire danger the parks service might close the park to ensure visitor safety. Some small areas are classified as temperate rainforest. The most popular walk is the Coast Walk, which skirts the park's eastern edge and delivers exceptional coastal scenery. Running the full coastal length of the park is a coastal heathland characterised by hardy, low-growing, salt-tolerant shrubs that spread across rocky, hard terrain with very little topsoil. The river valleys drain from south to north where they run into Port Hacking , the extensive but generally shallow harbor inlet which forms the northern border of the park. After a heavy rain the weir floods, closing the road and forcing the residents of Bundeena to drive an extra 30 kilometres to the southern end of the park if they wish to drive to Sydney. Rainforest pockets are dominated by jackwood and sassafras. Common vegetation on the exposed heaths on the headlands and cliffside paths include Coastal rosemary , darwinia , bracelet honey-myrtle , she-oak , white kunzea , sundew , grass trees , ridged heath-myrtle , snakehood orchids , prostrate forms of coast banksia and long-leaf matrush. Another common species is the coachwood Ceratopetalum apetalum which were used extensively from Australian rainforests to manufacture horse-drawn coaches. A more casual visitor to the mangroves at high tide is the eastern sea garfish Hyporhamphus australis which scoots around just an inch from the surface and is virtually invisible unless viewed through a snorkel. The park has been burnt in bushfires on several occasions, most notably in , and in the Black Christmas fires. The beaches, two of which have volunteer surf life saving clubs and large car parks, are amongst the most visited areas of the park. Small streams are to be found reasonably frequently and understory plants cohabitate with the larger trees, although the terrain is still fairly open and easy to move through. Several of the beaches can be reached by road, others only by several hours bush walking. These areas are characterized by dense groves of very large trees including the iconic Port Jackson fig Ficus rubiginosa and Moreton Bay fig Ficus macrophylla trees. October Learn how and when to remove this template message Royal National Park contains a wide variety of terrain. The best way to avoid stings completely is to not allow any part of one's body to enter any rock pool. The "Forest Island", a section of forest in the park's south mostly flanked by the Hacking River. It passes through valley floor vegetation and in spring is lit up by brilliant yellow displays of wattle trees and oranges and reds of the Australian native banksia trees and waratah flowers.

Sutherland national park

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