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He already had a good fan base from Melbourne. The joy is in self-discovery, within the compact grid of inner-city lanes. Regardless, they look like remnants of a set for a long-forgotten science-fiction movie. And if you click on the banner below, you can check out the details of his show on that station. Sit at the front. My favourite David White rockumentary was The Chicago Years, first broadcast over two mornings in late and repeated again in January after lead guitarist Terry Kath died.

Surf n chooks

Idle on the Oodnadatta Track South Australia ''Outback'' is a bit like a desert mirage, an uncertain thing that's difficult to define or arrive at. Start shouting and you'll be amazed what you hear. It twists through the Pilbara hills and drops dramatically into darkness. I preferred his hair straight. A signed trail cuts through thick vegetation to emerge on the improbably beautiful sight of clear water spilling between pools. His moustache lasted longer than both. It's slowly lowered by an overhead monorail into the enclosure of an adult crocodile, including one of the leathered stars no, not Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee. A hole-in-the-wall, nameless, lo-fi, late-night laneway bar off Bourke Street designed and run by architects from the city-savvy firm Six Degrees, its appearance in came to change how a city would drink and use its forgotten spaces. Go in summer, when the gallery sets up an outdoor bar and Canberra's smart young things drink designer beers next to Bert Flugelman's Cones. Landscape architect Harry Howard wanted it to mimic the sequence of rooms in a conventional gallery, but with the asymmetrical wildness of native trees and plants softening the formal architectural principles underpinning the design. The only access is with Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures horizontalfallsadventures. Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge is a marvel of indigenous history. Even more nuttiness prevailed when Charles and Di got engaged in February , and Macca decided to call Sydney socialite Diana "Bubbles" Fisher on the etiquette of royal weddings, should they be invited. This could be the moment it decides to add another set of teeth marks to the cage. Finally, the gorge opens again, forming a bowl around an emerald pool in shadow. Refresh at the waterside pub before climbing to begin the three-kilometre Waverley Cliff Walk. When he wasn't producing world class "rockumentaries," hobnobbing with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Chicago and Peter Gabriel, he was making award-winning documentaries such as The Global Countdown and choosing the music in his role as Music Director of the station. Recorded in in honour of Lady Diana's engagement to Prince Charles, it was incomparable in its rhyming elegance, with the chorus: Because a freshly unearthed Perigord truffle is the sniff of a lifetime. Here's a Gibson and Moore medley for you to enjoy: Avoid high summer hot, ouch and deep winter wet, road problems. Here's a promo for that LRB special just to jog your memory although it's not Sparxy doing the promo; I think it might be Barry Chapman. Connecting Darwin with Adelaide, the Ghan travels in either direction, with berths in three classes greatsouthernrail. Thanks to JC for use of this great pic. Sit at the front.

Surf n chooks

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In the Australian Women's Weekly ran a nice feature on Macca, which you can read here.

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