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In many ultrasound pictures, babies have been seen sucking their thumb, spreading their fingers and waving. I went looking for a picture of Helen when she was sucking on her bottom lip - k kolie MCon My daughter started doing this 4 days ago. He has been fussier lately and tonight he pulled out his pouty face 4 times! The cutest thing he does lately is when he and my husband take z bath together. Just as not all babies cry when they are teething, not all babies will cue their hunger with wails and cries. If you have concerns about lip sucking in children contact Tooth Fairly Smile. If your child expresses frustration or unhappiness about the habit, have faith and offer support. Your child may be prone to develop cold sores or impetigo. I think she is biting down on her lip to help ease the teething pain.

Sucking on lower lip

Sometimes babies exhibit odd behaviors and we may not understand why, then immediately worry it is sign of trouble. What are the dangers of lip sucking? There is definitely cause for concern, especially if there is a red ring area formed around the mouth. My toddler did this when teething too. Pay a visit to the dentist. What causes lip sucking? You are right though, she also looks funny when she sucks her bottom lip. Hopefully this has been a helpful guide and you are feeling more at ease about your baby sucking his bottom lip. Draw them to positive activities which may change the thinking in their mind. However, if your child stays hydrated with water the lips may get healthier. Stay away from sweet drinks which may trigger the child to lick the lips instinctively. Self-Soothing You have to remember, your little baby was in your womb all snug and cozy with only his thumb to play with. If they switch the habits, you can wean them from the candy. Medical Concerns Although most babies will outgrow lip sucking by about six months of age, especially if solids are introduced, there may be some wee ones who refuse to give it up. Schedule an appointment today! Do not continually draw attention to or chastise the behavior. She said the oragel lasts about 20 minutes. Most of the time this is a temporary habit that will disappear on its own. Apply vitamin E or another lip moisturizer at night, every night. You are still probably curious about the causes though and they are fairly simple. Instead offer lip balm or soothing cream for the child to apply. Sucking the lips also causes dental distortions such as occlusion or asymmetric jaw. His lip is right there and that sucking motion is very soothing, much as a pacifier would be. It serves to distract the child while also improving the health of the lips. Your child may be prone to develop cold sores or impetigo.

Sucking on lower lip

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Aladdin sucks mommy bottom lip

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