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Be sure to use your hands to your advantage. Many men really enjoy watching a cocksucker in action, but when blowing a man, watching porn can help in the arousal process. Like it or not, the sucker must continue until the man being sucked gets off him. It is also an especially when the recipient of the blowjob wants his balls sucked. When blowing a very fat man, the position needs to allow easy access to his cock, which can tend to pull under layers of fat. This position offers a lot of flexibility to change position, and is very comfortable on a bed. As much as I wanted to, I was not able to reconnect with these men.

Suck dixk

The opposite situation is not so easy — if you are blowing a short man, it might help for him to stand on a footstool or other sturdy item. In order to blow the man on top, he often needs to lean forward, almost in 69 position. Furthermore, since the cock will be upside down in the suckers mouth similar to 69 style , it may not be as easy to give good tongue action to the bottom of the cock. It can work well if the height of the man being sucked works well for the seated cocksucker. The 22 Major Penis Sucking Positions. If access to your parts is the primary consideration, it is superior to position 8, because the cocksuckers cock and balls hang down, and with the knees slightly apart, the ass can be easily accessed. The man being sucked stands, feet apart over the man on the bottom. If you are doing this position in bed, it usually works well. When he would drop his balls into my mouth for a few minutes, he would pull his balls out and immediately insert his discharging cock! I have given more blowjobs in this position than any other. Leaner men, and men with long cocks can be very effectively blown in this position. Lick all around his shaft. As a cocksucker, I have come to realize that for some men, my mouth is simply a cum dump. And again, please no teeth! If the man being sucked is tall, the cocksucker can accommodate by rising up on his knees to the proper height. This position leaves the suckers hands free, so there are many possibilities. This position does not work well for extremely fat men. There is not as much ability to adjust for height, so you might find yourself trying this position and then dropping to your knees to find the right sucking height. You may have to do a little experimenting to find what works best. Car sucks can be very cramped in small vehicles, and nearly impossible for vehicles with large consoles. Be sure to use your hands to your advantage. This offers the ability to easily blow men of any size, and can be comfortable for long duration blowjobs. The multiple mattress situation sometimes happens in sex party situations. This position allows for plenty of adjustment, which is handy for long duration blowjobs. If done on a hard surface, such as a floor, some sort of cushioning can make it more comfortable.

Suck dixk

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They may not be able to watch porn, but can close their eyes and indulge their favorite fantasy. When the mood strikes him he stands on the trailer while I blow him, standing on the ground.

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