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The humour is exactly as he says clean and family friendly. How he could come up with something funny about each auction item on the spur of the moment was amazing! We had received a recommendation from a colleague to see Timmy Boyle if we ever got a chance. Timmy tailored his set perfectly for a difficult audience and managed to get a skeptical crowd laughing and fully engaged. According to all the feedback we have received, you were very captivating and extremely funny. You will walk away with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Timmy is the exception. University of Guelph student?

Stand up comedy guelph

University of Guelph student? It would be impossible to imagine a better way to start our conference. He kept us laughing all evening! I have never heard so much positive feedback from our staff and team of advisors after the show was over. His clean comedy is always appreciated and everyone who sees him asks when he will be returning again. Laughter is the best medicine and you were the pharmacy dispensing it. He is able to take jokes and put a spin on them by adding to them and making the original stuff even funnier. True North Academy students and all of the guests in attendance just loved the entire show. In Guelph was also named one of the country's smartest communities, its safest city, and Canada's volunteer capital. We loved him and would have him back in an instant. Yet, he was also completely approachable. We look forward to hosting Timmy again in the near future. You were a fabulous choice for our headlining act and thank you for recommending Wil Twynstra to open for us. He had the whole theater laughing throughout the night, but was excellent at moving things along without humour as well. It is an excellent way to raise money. We knew he would be very good, but he was outstanding. To do funny clean comedy that is all inclusive these days is a tremendous feat, but he pulled it off wonderfully. I have seen him get both adults and children involved in the comedy which makes it that much more enjoyable. Advertisements or announcements regarding your business or service belong in the monthly community business and services thread, linked to below. He kept us laughing the whole time, especially during the live auction. A vibrant community of , people, Guelph is ranked among the top ten places to live in Canada. It was a pleasure to work with Timmy to organize and promote our event and I was very impressed with his professionalism before, during and after the performance! Clean, good humour at its best. His wry sense of humour, and ability to make light of everyday life situations keeps you laughing at others and mostly yourself. He is sensitive to his audience and respectful of the context in which he is performing. Laughter is good medicine and Timmy is a master at dispencing it.

Stand up comedy guelph

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His clean comedy act was perfect for a date night or an evening out with friends for a few, actually A LOT, of great laughs! It was nice to see such an entertaining show that was completely clean!

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