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Is the career worth it? Jenna Jameson — I have a question for you, Belle: On her professional resume, under the heading, "the biography of human sex," she could have listed her real-life experience in pornography. She went back on camera in the mid-aughts to screw her also-HIV-positive boyfriend, but not much has been heard from her since. I'm smarter than this," she said.

Stacie halas where is she now

Dang, talk about a downgrade. Actually, she did what might be the next-best thing after retirement: To this day, she still advocates for the health of porn stars. Stay away from the knife. In February , Stacie worked in four Ventura County school districts as a substitute teacher. Seeing the words "California" and "competence" in the same phrase is a bit startling. Her story is detailed in this Salon piece. Not many teachers in California have been so dishonored. In the opinion of the judges, because the videos showcasing Halas' work in porn continue to be available online, she could never be an effective teacher. You may have made poor decisions in the past. So, in California, one of the worst school systems in America, being a teacher won't hamper a porn career, but porn acting will kill a teaching gig. If this was such a risky business for her, why was she doing sex scenes on film? Recognize that I could make this list pages and pages long and never run out of stories to tell. Attorney Natasha Sawhney, in representing the Ventura School District, argued that Halas would become a distraction if let back into the classroom. It was also the first day of testimony by witnesses called by Stacie Halas' attorney. She moved to Mormon-country Utah to raise a family. Unfortunately, her attack, rape and near-murder in is an indication of the thing you worry about the most these days. She got out the game and opened up the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation, a sex worker testing company that measurably prevented disease transmission. I can imagine why she would have been terrified. Stacie Halas' past came back to haunt her in March when students discovered her pornographic body of work on the Internet. Lauri Halas, who did not know about her daughter's involvement in adult entertainment, described her daughter as a hard worker and a passionate teacher. Welcome to the Jim Fisher True Crime blog, a place for people interested in crime, criminal investigation, policing, law, and forensic science. Although she did it for free, look how a sex tape launched Kim Kardasian's career. So in fall , she got back in the porn game, a shell of her earlys, hand-standing self. Sadly, she was left a widow and single mom after her hubby died in a car accident, sending her down the pit of alcoholism, and then into recovery. Is the career worth it? The testimony from her, her mother, and a group of educators was used to counter statements made during the first three days of the hearing, which characterized Haydock Intermediate as a chaotic campus when news broke of the video.

Stacie halas where is she now

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She moved to Mormon-country Utah to raise a family.

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