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The lead toe is up but not higher than the heal. If you work on NOT kicking so high in the back which pulls your hips back and puts an arch in your lower back and pulling your foot forward and keeping it high off the track as it passes under your hips, your knees will be up in a powerful position to drive down and back. The forward arm starts to rotate at the shoulder with the angle staying closed at this point counter acting the back knee moving forward. Keep the twisting action of the shoulders and hips to a minimum. Yes, the action may be slower. The pelvic girdle is tucked under the torso. Relax your lower back so your lower back is arched. This is similar to the action of the foot pulling forward under the hips.

Sprinting pictures

Notice how the toes are pulling forward under the ankle. Sprinting is actually much of a combination of a pulling AND pushing action… As your lead leg lands on the ground while your ankle is dorsiflexed cocked , you claw the track beneath you with your spikes and thus, you are pulling yourself forward with force but at the same time, while clawing, you also push on the ground in an angulated direction as you push yourself forward and your physique at that time seems like you are standing on the toes of your leg the one that landed on the ground. Speed comes from the amount of force applied to the ground by the feet. Photos and videos of athletes in Advantage Athletics are used for reporting public events and educational purposes. The forward foot should be directly under the lead knee. Now look at his hip height compared to the top of the wall behind him while he is in flight. The forward hand remains steady here. Johnson with his winning 9. The forward elbow is in front of the torso. The shoulders staying relaxed and down. The arm actions play a major part in the application of that force. You should consider the running mechanics your body goes through focus on your legs as they make a complete cycle from high knee to extension to touching the ground and clawing as well as fully extending and pushing to when u repeat the cycle and your ankle touches under your butt as you go for another high knee. The parabolic curve that is the flight pattern of an object in flight from takeoff to landing is the same for all sprinters, and the angle of takeoff should be the same. The action is landing, recovery and reaction. The sprinter is on the balls of his feet NOT on his toes. The forward moving foot staying high under the hips with the toes pulling forward or dorsiflexing. The hand balanced above the wrist and elbow. This keeps the pendulum of the forward moving leg short and moving quickly. After the forward moving elbow passes the torso, the hand can begin to swing up adding to the drive of the lead knee and foot. This is similar to the action of the foot pulling forward under the hips. The forward moving foot staying high as it moves to a position under the lead knee. Keep the twisting action of the shoulders and hips to a minimum. This maximizes the distance traveled until the next foot hits the ground. The sprinter on the left is Matt Bruno who ran At this point the back hand can stay relaxed and can swing back. This allows the foot to stay high as it passes under the hips.

Sprinting pictures

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Sprinting Motivation - How Bad Do You Want It? Usain Bolt, Christophe Lemaitre & Many More !!

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Relax your lower back so your lower back is arched.

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