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A person coming out of wild country into town develops a righteousness of things. He used to be a builder and moved out to Slab City for a more simple life. Grateful Dead stickers bury all the windows, the rusty red paint job needs some major upkeep, I could only imagine how many people have had sex in the back, and you can hear it coming down the road from miles away. There are scores of stories everywhere, and the faster and farther you walk the more you hear. The town draws the most from December to February when the population swells from the hard-core year-round to over The air is incredibly clear, fresh and cool. The smell of pot is thick and the people are happy. Behind me, Slab City resembles an old Hooverville fallen on hard times. The Slab City motto is 'No Rules' on the premise that every person is entitled to be as radically different from everyone else as he pleases.

Slab city sex

Bombing Range Highest per capita methamphetamine use in the nation Largest illegal alien smuggling rings Hottest temperatures at F in the shade Coachella Canal which runs uphill Probably the highest number of warrants per capita Most per capita bogus SSI claimants. Hitting a creative wall, we turned to each other and said we got to get out of here. But they make it a fun place to be. Driving out of the Slabs, I realize that I am about to re-enter reality. We said our goodbyes and headed off into the world again. And a freedom to start drinking as early as you want. Suddenly you're in a green cloud of marijuana fumes. The barrier to most for staying to become full time Slabbers is the terrifying summer heat. Where else can you go and be free, with no restraints, and live cheaply? Nothing is wasted and everything is used. Trash out in the Slabs becomes prized material that is used in various ways to help make stuff like fences, decorations, and art. Welfare supports most of the population with trumped disability claims - dyslexic, Parkinson's, asthma, etc. In the early s, a chemical company in Oakland hired 20 men to harvest creosote leaves near Niland, CA. Everyone assumes everyone else has something to be private about, and are comfortable about it. We stayed in Slab City for three days which felt like weeks. And that everything behind me is nothing more than a weird, crazy, artistic, amazing, incredible, surprising, wonderful and most importantly It was empty when we got there and we had the whole mountain to ourselves. My day begins by rising with the sun and hiking three hours through the open desert in a no-man's land between Slab City and the Chocolate Mt. I only came upon one resident I cringe at the love acts that have probably occurred here. Some of the hills were over ten feet tall and the mud from within was warm like inviting you to stick your hands in and play in them! My place in Slab City seems to be a Henry Kissinger solving little disputes and moonlighting with veterinary, legal, and medical advice as I walk from tent to shanty. Is there a place that you can run away to and lose yourself only to be found by your inner spirit? Even though they have no idea where the water is coming from, they are happy to have a shower in the desert. Many arrive penniless, and are helped onto welfare by other residents.

Slab city sex

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Slab City

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The Slab City library is a rare find in the desert. The kids bounced around from hill to hill as they played and got themselves covered in mud.

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