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I read that readers would send in stories and I read several of them till I read a story about how a man's girlfriend had dressed him up in women's clothes and used a dildo on him. I took everything off and put it back where I found it as precisely as I remembered. The fourth had chemises, babydolls, and nighties. I was home alone and I instinctively went through the dressers drawers. My sister took my attention away from the swimsuit and showed me around.


It was a satin bikini with a floral pattern all over a black background. She did it one more time and we dried up and went back into the bedroom. I went back to my room and jerked off, while still wearing the lingerie. My sister came up and adjusted the straps and gave me a light spank on the bottom. When Natalia unexpectedly returns, the struggles and tensions that have built over the summer erupt into a series of events that change the Kisches irrevocably—forcing them to piece together their complicated pasts and commitments to each other. I moved slowly and my mom said "come on sweetie we don't have all day. She then inserted the nozzle into my rectum as my sister held me and caressed me and nibbled on my ear. He had his bottoms off and he grabbed me the hips and I felt his cock poking at my hole. I saw that it was very spacious and we walked in and I saw a ton of tops, dresses, and various other outfits. As I looked through them I found a black lace babydoll with a blue skirted bottom made of satin. I caressed her butt as she caressed mine through the material of the suit. I don't want to live in my sister's room! I came right there on my floor. She told me take off all my clothes, to which I replied "Right here? My mom was still beside me and was kissing me at times, which muffled my moans. She came up to me and gave me a big hug and said "It is going to be fun having a sister. One day after school I made my way into the house and up to my bedroom. Well little did I know that my mom knew about my secret. After awhile, mom took it out and allowed the water to seep out. Hell, if it's big, and, fat, and juicy enough, I'd probably suck the hell out of it even if he said there's no way he's gonna write any more no matter how hard I suck him off. She opened the top one and that contained a bunch of panties of all makes and colors. My mom put a towel on the floor in front of the sink and told me to stand on it and bend over the sink counter. With that story and the images fresh in my mind, I found myself in my parents room looking for something sexy to wear. Maybe if instead of sucking his cock with praise and flattery, if I actually, literally, physically sucked all the cum out of his balls, maybe, just maybe then he'd write another one. I took everything off and put it back where I found it as precisely as I remembered. I noticed all the girly pictures on the wall and all the color, especially the pink. My sister let go, as he slid into me, and she assumed a similar position beside me.


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I was floored and it stuck with me.

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