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My little pinkpottiepants is a very special man indeed. Potty training an adult baby requires the same approach as used with a real little baby, so training pants, lots of trips to the potty chair and night time diapers are always the order of the day. I often hear from their partners, asking me if I would teach them how to better meet their lover's needs and I gladly help them to learn how to give proper disipline. If it's done right, he will become totally diaper dependent after only a couple of days, and will actually need his diapers for the rest of his like, if you choose to keep him as a full time baby. If I catch them humping their diapers at any other time, they must be punished, so that they will learn that I control even their most private needs. Not all my pupils receive baby training, although I should make it mandatory, because once an adult has been reduced to wearing and using diapers, they are much easier to train and control.

Sissy underwear tumblr

I took him into a baby's changing room, to change his diaper, and I knew as soon as I took it off, that he was ready for other types of training. Be Open — This crosses several fronts. On one particular outing to a shopping mall, he had messed in his pants, and I wasn't yet ready to go home. Anal stimulation has always been high on my list, and having such a talented tongue buried in my ass for as long as I wanted it, was like winning the lottery. She had never seen an adult baby before, and asked me if he actually used the diapers, as she reached out and began fondeling his bulging pink plastic baby pants. The dress I selected was very short to begin with, but with a crinoline added to his outfit, the hem just barely covered his infantile under wear. That's why I choose to make him mess in his pants. I didn't know how he was going to react when I told him I was a professional dominant, because there's a lot who claim to be, but are just out there taking advantage of people. He was totally compliant when I handed the girls some baby powder, lifting his legs in the air so that they could sprinkle his now sore and reddened bum. He was starting to get up when I grabbed his hand and told him to sit down. I also found some very thick, pre-formed punishment diapers at that shop that are ideal for training because they're extra bulky. Most women are afraid to use this type of control over their man, thinking it's to bizarre or it would scare them away, but trust me, it will really improve your life. In fact, during his first few sessions his only view was a pillow, as he burried his face to muffle his cries. My pupils usually have little or no real experience in any of these life styles, but they're prepared to explore them fully with very few, if any limitations and so I'm able to determine their true needs. When I'm stroking and cuddling my big babies as they suckle my breasts, it is hard to resist the sexual urges. Because of the bulky diaper, he had a hard time fastening his pants, and even through his tear filled eyes, he could see that they didn't hide the unmistakable bulge that comes from wearing the infantile garment. This uniform is made of black satin and has lots of frilly white lace on it. His face went red when he saw a big baby staring back at him, and he quickly reached for his clothes, putting them on in an effort to hide his babyish appearance. But who knows what you'll find if you look in the right places. He was happy that he was being taken out of the sight of the two woman, but his happiness would be short lived. He's now a perfect sissy maid for his wife and a few of her close friends and since he doesn't like having his mouth between a woman's legs, he has also become a toilet slave for the women. They can no longer hide their secret and want to share it with their lover. There's far more to being an adult baby than wearing and using diapers, and if this guy met my criteria, he would soon find out just how much more. I kept stopping so he could jack himself off into his diaper and then had him wet and mess again. No big revelations, but little things that can make an impactful improvement.

Sissy underwear tumblr

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I'll take a submissive man over a macho man any day. The more difficult it is to conceal them under regular adult clothing, the better it is during training, because of the increased fear of someone noticing that unmistakable bulge that only comes from wearing a diaper.

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