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This isn't to be confused with envy. Always remember, it's not you, it's them. Although, the two often do overlap and do go hand and hand. With envy, you simply want what someone else has. This is called jealousy.

Signs of jealous

If it happens once or twice, it's no big deal. Busybody Gossipy Fabricators Save That's a mouthful, right? Don't let this negativity break you, though. The jealous coworker suggestively gossips throughout your family-oriented place of employment that you, an unmarried woman, are extremely worried about what the gynecologist told you yesterday, which may infer anything from STDs to pregnancy in the minds of co-workers and management. But don't let them play you. The threat these other relationships pose to your own place might've to lead you to fear the other relationships are more valued, better, important, replacing, surpassing, time-consuming, etc than your own. This isn't to be confused with envy. And, if they have any success of their own, they'll take the opportunity to reminisce and flaunt it as better and more important. The signs aren't as obvious, which makes them easy to overlook, but they're definitely there. Riverdale via The CW. If you get a certain score on a test, do they mention they scored one point higher than you whenever they can? They're mad you're doing amazing things, while their life is stuck in neutral. The problem is when that competition is all-encompassing and designed for embarrassment. The jealous person may attempt to dissuade you from success by discouraging, distracting, or developing unrealistic fears concerning your aspirations and actions. Do they make you feel bad for feeling good about the incredible thing you've done? Everything's A Competition Save A healthy degree and amount of competition improves relationships and work ethic. You have every right to be proud of the things you've achieved. In most cases, however, it doesn't go to such extremes. In this case, you'll likely never even be aware of the person's feelings and, aside from their absence, you'll likely never see any direct consequences of the jealousy. Jealousy can even resort to blackmail and threats of whistleblowing real or fabricated facts. Amplification Of Failures Save They're thrilled that you failed. You can thank us for the solid idea another day. A lot of people with more Pollyanna personalities have difficulties recognizing such passive aggressiveness for the dig that it is, which means that those people simply hear the remarks as constructive criticism by the helpful jealous person. However, jealousy can also manifest itself in more subtle, small episodes of psychological warfare that you may not realize are taking place until the culmination makes a big impact. Also of note is that studies have proven a "healthy amount" of jealousy is necessary to maintain human motivation. But it's not just that, they're also insecure.

Signs of jealous

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12 Signs That Will Help You Spot A Person Who Is Secretly Jealous Of You

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Why would they so desperately cling to your life if they were confident in who they are? But it's not just that, they're also insecure.

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