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If a person is so jealous of you then there is a possibility that he is a hater. We used to make fun of each other and crack jokes about each other, but it was all done in a lighthearted and fun way. They are diseases of the heart and you need to check yourself before the spiritual cancers of envy and jealousy grow inside of you. Haters are great at labeling people. The last thing these people want is for you to accomplish more than them; make more money than them; have more fun than them; make a bigger impact than them. Again, haters need to be at the top of their self-created distorted hierarchy, so if others are doing better than them, then their place at the top gets threatened.

Signs of a hater

Send Thank you so much for helping out! However, there would always be that one guy who just took the jokes too far and said something that came from a bad place within themselves. If you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and genuinely get upset at others sharing all the positive things that are happening in their lives, then you might need to look in the mirror. That attitude is very typical of a hater, because again they need to feel that their special and better than everyone else. Who are you to question their brilliance? So, I put together this list so that you can reflect and figure out whether you or someone around you is a hater or not. In my article advice for dealing with mean people i said that you can always keep haters under control by acting as if you believe them while working on your other plans secretly. It gives them a chance to use that negative energy to spew their hate and criticism of everything and everyone. They hold onto negative experiences and negative energy to fuel the fire of their hater wrath that they will spew towards another victim when the opportunity presents itself. To do that, they must always place themselves above others. If you know people like this, stay away from them. If you think that this is some kind of marketing hype then see what other visitors say about 2knowmyself. They determine their own self-worth based on how they measure up to the results of others around them. See the psychology of jokes. We used to make fun of each other and crack jokes about each other, but it was all done in a lighthearted and fun way. Once you find that person the best way to deal with him is to act as if you don't notice him then use him without letting him know that you are doing so. They let things linger. This also extends to not liking your Facebook status or pictures. The hater will usually try to steal the ideas of the one he hates then do his best to take credit for them. If a person is so jealous of you then there is a possibility that he is a hater. They try to make themselves look bigger and make others feel smaller. They might unfollow you on social media or even block you just to avoid coming in contact with you. They constantly compare themselves to others. If you crave controversy, drama, gossip and problems, then you are definitely a hater. Haters are great at labeling people. See also reasons people hate you for no reason.

Signs of a hater

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How to spot a HATER

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