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Middle hivers labour in sweltering workshops bathed in the heat filtering down from the sun, plagued by sunbeams that sweep through the hive during the day and burn exposed skin. It is vitally important for every middle citizen to be properly recorded in the Rolls of Justification which each place of industry maintains, because if they cannot prove to the authorities of the Spine that they are permitted to fulfil the role in which they work, they are banished to the Underbelly. The regiments raised from Gunmetal City's ruffians consider themselves to be superior and they are mostly justified in this, with the Gunmetal regiments being the equal of the Astra Militarum. The quality of the Magistratum's officers and procedures varies enormously through the layers of Scintilla's hives, depending on the funding and support they are given by the ruling noble councils, and on the environments they have to work in. Hundreds of rickety elevators scale the cliffs and the rock column on which the palace stands, and the hovels of the ferrymen and fishermen cling to the rock face like barnacles.


Noble houses consider themselves sometimes correctly as above or outside Imperial law and can wield immense influence. The entire city is mounted on the back of a machine that slowly walks across the unstable rocky regions in the centre of Scintilla's main continent. The middle classers' homes are clustered around the foundries and often fashioned from cargo containers. The moon Lachesis is home to the base of the Tyrantine Cabal. Younger and far, far smaller than the dominant hive cities on Scintilla, Gunmetal is a feral community that thrives simply because of what it produces. The Lucid Palace, a city in its own right, stands on a massive column of rock rising from the sea just off the coast, connected to the hive by a single, cyclopean, stone processional bridge, as well as by countless smaller rope bridges and the fleet of ferries which transport strong-stomached passengers across the debris-strewn waters. No one ventures close to Hive Tenebra with any regularity, and when they do they rarely penetrate into the collapsed interior of the hive where the foulest horrors are said to lurk. There is no other way to have a hive city unless there is a huge amount of wasted uninhabited and empty space. Most hives will probably have populations in the upper billions to lower trillions, the trillions and billions that make sense and not the proper versions. It is dominated by two vast hive cities, Hive Sibellus and Hive Tarsus which hold the majority of the planetary population. Despite the dominance of those two hives, the "offspring" communities, Ambulon and Gunmetal City, contribute significantly to the planet's economy as well. The Goldenhand houses a massive, infinitely complex financial market where commodities are bought and sold at a dizzying rate, and enormous amounts of money and goods change hands hourly. The streets in the spire are very safe thanks to the large private armies that guard every estate and the efforts of the Magistratum to man checkpoints, which regulate the people coming in and out of the hive spire. The middle hives are trapped between aristo spires and rancid underhives and the hivers live the thankless life of unending toil, where ignorance is a virtue and death a reward for a lifetime of loyal, drone servitude, fulfilling the exorbitant tithes levied on Scintilla by the Administratum. A dark and austere trio of linked towers at the northern end of the hive sprawl, the palace is the headquarters of the High Council of the Calixian Conclave, which is to say that it is the administrative seat of the Inquisition in the Calixis Sector. Hive Society Edit Hive Sibellus is Scintilla's power centre and every noble house on the planet seeks to have its own estate on the hive spire. It draws its troops from across the planet and there is considerable rivalry between regiments. Violence in the spire, apart from trials by combat and sanctioned duels, is rare -- the crime that most nobles fret about is burglary, since their collections or artworks and relics are so important to them. It is not unknown for nobles of the spire to sponsor heavily-armed expeditions into the underhive to dig up coveted artefacts from Scintilla's past or to explore the tombs of a family's distant ancestors. Ultimately it boils down to the fact that nothing has ever made the actual scale of a hive city clear. In the middle spires, they are concerned mainly with serious or violent crime, unable and unwilling to deal with other common crimes. The disaster that claimed Hive Tenebra along with millions of lives happened over eight standard centuries ago, and is thought by most to have been caused by a collapse of the geothermal heatsinks that provided it with power. Inside, the cathedral is just as magnificent. The Adepts of the Administratum are based in a building of gold and glass suspended over the Goldenhand's largest trading hall, while House Krin's household troops protect the family's complex of vaults and safe rooms just beneath the Goldenhand. Underbelly settlements are often scraped off the city-machine's underside by ridges or peaks that the city-machine walks over, or are simply shaken off by the city's movement.


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Instead, its middle hive is dominated by the Goldenhand, a vast complex of trading halls and auction houses held like a great golden nugget in the heart of Tarsus' city-web. The Arbites and the Magistratum despise each other and have little interest in working together except under dire circumstances.

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