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You can tell in the picture! She's loud, censorious, and only Cole can see her. Day Are you freaking kidding me?? Not currently in effect, but will be if his current power doesn't work Cole has a "silver tongue", or the ability to understand, read, and speak other languages without having to be taught them. Their last chat left them friendly acquaintances and on good terms. All fell dark and cold; if he did have good memories, they're gone now. It has been passed down. We do not control your destination's website, so its rules, regulations, and Meepit defense systems will be different!


He doesn't know what she is; his best guess is she's the mental result of some stress he can no longer remember. When the caretakers began to disappear, there was a need for someone to fill that role. He knows he's not the only one to have his memory wiped, but Corinne leaves some questions to be answered. I can't think about my love of shoes without thinking about my Grandma Fern. So I think when her family moved to Oregon and joined the more mainstream Mennonite church here her eyes must have burst open to all that was out there. Cole is a rather normal person. At least I hope there is He figured out pretty fast this girl was following him and he was the only one crazy enough to see her. At first there wasn't much for him to do. He cares about his friends and wants the best for them, but knows he has to look out for himself as well. After job-hopping, he discovered he wasn't squeamish around any kind of injury and was naturally good with the gauze. I had a few people ask me what my closet looks like and I thought that I had posted pics. And I would wish that she would see some of herself in me. He is, however, a fast runner in short bursts, and has very good peripheral vision. Scavenged or grown medical herbs and plants make up the bulk of his repertoire, and it's his ongoing project to better his collection. Unlike some of the others, Cole doesn't often work out, preferring rather to walk or jog around, so he lacks the toned muscles others have developed. It's been a loooong road and I'm mixed with a bit of relief and sadness that it's over. Though she can't interact with the real work, she can observe it and relay what she sees. She would have laughed along with it. They didn't wear make up, wear jewelry, wear pants or even wear heals gasp! Cole is short, thin, and easily cold. I was was worried that I would get some mean remarks that I'm crazy and such It's from Corinne that Cole gets his special power. When the caretakers were still around, Cole acted as an assistant, fetching supplies and learning how to properly care for injuries and sickness. He does have scars, but not anything more than everyone else and nothing worth talking about. She calls herself Corinne.


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I will have another blog going in a few days or so. You've clicked on a link that will take you outside of Neopets.

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