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It was bad enough when he shaved the backs of my thighs, but when he lathered my ass checks and told me to hold them open while he lathered up my crack, that was it, I lost it completely. What a guy won't do to improve his sport's skills!!!!!! He asked if I was ready and I answered as much as I would ever be. I turned off the water and called out to the coach to let him know that I was ready. My dick almost poked him in the eye as I did. I shot uncontrollably with my cum hitting his face, hands and in his mouth. He ran the clippers with an upward motion, away from my cock. As the blade made a swipe, I could see globs of lather studded with hair wash down the drain. I was brought out of my daydreaming when coach said to hit the showers and not to dry off when I was done.

Shaving tips for private area

I reached up to his chest and played with his nipples; wetting my finger tips with my saliva and making circles around his tips, until the stood erect. Oh yeah, I did win the meet the next day; not only win it but I set a league record. He did the other leg. I stroked my soapy dick until I splattered my youthful juices all over the tile wall before me. He spread some on his hand and jacked me a few times. He sprayed the shaving cream on my crotch and spread it through my public stubble. He said that he had seen my cock hang down when he started to shave but not when he finished so he knew that I had a hard-on. He used the same care as he rid my balls of their fuzz, but having him soap and then shave my balls in his hand, started my juices flowing. I hesitated and said that would not be necessary. He said to relax and it'll be a piece of cake. He told me to turn around and he proceeded to do the same to the back of my legs. I told him that there was going to be a problem because since I was no longer on the swim team, I didn't shave that often so I had a nice crop of pubic hair. Ever since I was 13, I'd always liked the way the hair looked and felt, especially when I played with myself. Without batting an eye, coach leaned forward and licked off the droplets. He replied that he couldn't stand the sight of pubic hair. Then he shaved the balls gently, taking care not to be too fast or rough. He was a total fox. It drove him nuts when he went down on a guy and there was a thick tangled mass of bush to deal with. My bush was soaked and my ball hairs were stuck together in points, funneling the water in silvery streams that ran down the insides of my thighs and splattered down on the rust-stained floor. I was hard as a rock and precum dribbled down my shaft. He deftly glided the razor up and down my leg. As I got older, hair grew around my groin and armpits and eventually on my chest. I turned off the water and called out to the coach to let him know that I was ready. He gave me a lecture on streamlining my silhouette and least resistance in the water and finally said that my body hair would have to go. I lay on my back with my dick sticking in the air like a flag pole. I was brought out of my daydreaming when coach said to hit the showers and not to dry off when I was done. I didn't want to loose my fuzzy carpet so made some kind of lame excuse, saying that I couldn't shave my own back.

Shaving tips for private area

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He rested the clippers on the skin of my lower abdomen before continuing further down.

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