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This allows the skin to recuperate a little. Every body is different, and every person is susceptible to ingrown hairs to a different extent. Ideally, you want a moisturizer that is free from perfume, a cream or a lotion, without anti-aging ingredients or sunscreens or other additives. Which was another drip into the water-butt of depression that irrigates my communal garden of feminine shame. I will keep it in quotation marks so that I can have it all, the discomfort, the distance, and the semi-joke. For aftercare, use the baby oil to prevent pimples and the aloe vera cream to calm inflamed skin. Use a men's razor or a women's razor specially designed for the pubic area.

Shaved pubic mound

Pedicularis pubis, commonly known as 'crabs' or pubic lice, is highly infective and is transmitted through sexual contact. If possible, use a razor with moisturizing strips and "micro-fins" or cushions, etc. Men's razors are intended to be used for shaving tougher, more coarse hair , which is more akin to a woman's pubic hair. If they prefer a pubis that could be mistaken for Stanley Tucci kneeling down to plug his phone in, then who am I to judge? Go Ask Alice suggests using a new razor every time you shave this area. Email Eva at e. Do not use soap! During sleep, your body fluids accumulate under the skin and make the skin puffier. Hair will grow back faster. This will reduce cuts and help you get a closer shave. Some people get more ingrown hairs than others. To protect the condom, wash your pubic area prior to sex. If you have to apply pressure, your razor is too dull. Furthermore, shaving will not protect you from getting other sexually transmitted infections STIs. Also, tweezers and hair conditioner are optional supplies. Start With a Shower Take a warm shower. Soap can dry your skin and worsen irritation. Share via Email Close cut: As you shave, feel free to keep applying shaving cream. A common cause of folliculitis is recently shaved hairs re-growing out of the follicle and curling back around to irritate the skin. The tweezers can be used for stray or hard-to-reach hairs. Use aloe vera to soothe sensitive skin and help alleviate the pain. Evict it, extract it, uproot it, remove it. Use a men's razor or a women's razor specially designed for the pubic area. Avoid shaving for two months. For the wearer alone?

Shaved pubic mound

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This will prevent the razor from clogging or getting blunt from tackling too much hair at once; which in turn can cause razor burn. Email Eva at e.

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