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Through her tears, Tammy realized that part of her wanted to see what would happen next. Julie grabbed Dave's hair with both hands as he was rising to his feet and she began shaking his head violently back and forth, dragging him around the grass in a wide circle. But this year she had made it to the final match, and on the other side of the net were Julie and Madison, two summer interns. Get another one next year. I looked around her big living room just to get acquainted with my surroundings. Tammy rushed forward, then stopped. Tamara tried to pounce on me but I slipped out of the way and wrapped my arms tightly around her in a reverse bear hug. Tammy could tell he was in incredible pain from the look on his face. I grab her by the waist and try to roll her over and at the same time she attempts to trap my legs.

Sexy mixed wrestling stories

His escape was short-lived. Julie was crouched low, swaying back and forth, like a cat ready to pounce. Julie's nails were freshly painted a stylish blue, and her lips were awash in a peach-colored lip gloss. Julie looked up at her and laughed. Madison was laughing wildly in her ear while still holding her tightly. He shrugged and turned away. He tried to fight it but she wedged it in tightly, pushing until the tip went over his tongue and to the back of his throat, the plastic feathers disappearing completely. Using every ounce of strength that I have I force my legs from her arms and roll her off of me. At least I'll beat her at this damn badminton game, thought Tammy. With one last twist, Julie threw Tammy to the grass. She could only watch helplessly. Tamara on the other hand was a different case. Dave kicked and bucked madly. A volleyball player in high school, she easily jumped up and smashed the birdie back over the net and into the ground at Dave's feet. Once I realized this I tried to maneuver out of my predicament but was way too weak. She looked like a petite China doll--straight black hair, round face, full lips, slim but curvy body--but she was American born and raised. Julie's arrogance and brattiness had grown beyond a mere attitude. She and her husband Dave were one point away from winning the badminton tournament at her company's annual Fourth of July picnic. Just like that, Dave was on his knees, his face near the grass, and Julie was standing over him, twisting his wrist in a direction it was never meant to flex. Dave had scooped her up with one manly arm around her waist and pulled her off. She sent Dave's serve back across the net hard. Let me get it," said Dave. Julie's smug smile grew out of her actual, physical victory. Please refer to the blog archives section on the right to find all my stories. Was this really her husband? Unfortunately, Julie was nearly as quick as a cat. What Tammy saw next made her feel like she was hit in the stomach with a sledgehammer.

Sexy mixed wrestling stories

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The way he squealed when the China doll brat put her petite foot on the side of his head and drove his face into the ground while twisting his arm and wrist made Julie want to vomit.

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