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Pick a chair with thick, sturdy legs and a high and reliable back. I guarantee this will make him smile. And don't be overly concerned with how you do it; just take small steps and aim to make the turn blend into and become part of your dance. Make sexy eye contact and look away from your partner and down at your body from time to time. Move your body downward as you caress the area above their waist all the way up to their face. Here are some sexy songs that are perfect for a lap dance: Repeat on the other side. Lean towards your partner to make it easier for you to unhook your leg from the back of the chair. Move your hands from the air to your breasts and then down to your sides as you do this.

Sexy lap dance routine

Continue to move your body seductively as you do this, and then slowly work your way up to standing position. To give an unforgettable lap dance, you'll need to set the mood and be graceful on and off the chair. If you're feeling confident, you can even turn around to give your partner a subtle smile as you do this. Sit on your partner's lap while keeping one arm around their shoulder. Of course, in exchange, we had to offer up some intelligence of our own If you lean forward, you risk impersonating a sumo wrestler. For a variation, you can put your hands on your partner's knees instead of the floor. Place your hands on their knees, and move toward their face, and then slowly lower yourself until you're moving your body from side to side with your face near their stomach. Gently move your free hand up and down like you're riding a bull in slow-motion. You should keep your lips parted and smile slightly, just enough to let your partner see that you know how sexy you are. Don't get too sexy before you show off your hot moves. So sit back, relax and let her do all the work for a change. You can wear sporty leggings and a sports top over sexy lingerie, a long dress, or anything that makes you feel sexy. This should keep you from falling off the chair. Practice dancing to it in advance to make sure that it's good for lap dancing, not love making. Now, take the hand that was wrapped around their neck and sweep it down to the floor too, working it up and down while your other hand remains planed on the floor. If you wear a garter belt, underwear should be layered on top. Pick a chair with thick, sturdy legs and a high and reliable back. Continue to move your hips and body as you do this. Casually strut around the chair, continuing to work your hips up and down to the music. Turn around while you're standing between your partner's legs, and slowly get low until your hands are near the floor and you're shaking your thang near your partner's crotch, stomach, or even all the way up to their face. Start moving your hips up and down, and slowly gliding your hands along your body to give your partner a taste of what's to come. Caress your partner's shoulder, and even lower your body to the floor when you're standing behind them, just to get them even more in the mood. As far as possible, try to keep your lover in your gaze as you turn. Don't even let your bodies touch. Push your chest closer to your partner while pushing your butt and back out for balance.

Sexy lap dance routine

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Sexy lap dance

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Lean towards your partner to make it easier for you to unhook your leg from the back of the chair. If you pick a chair that's too flimsy and end up falling over or even breaking it, it'll be hard to recover.

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