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No drifting off, thinking about work or snacks. Quickies can be great. Getting naked is generally on the menu when it comes to sex. Though it is a quickie, and thus, meant to be fast - have fun throughout the kitchen: Focus on her body. So expose the bits that you plan to bring into play and leave the rest to the imagination! On A Hike You already know that exercise is essential to maintain your sexual endurance and your overall physical health, but why not incorporate working up a sweat into working up an orgasm, too? Find a secluded place to park your car, but in a safe area, and have her climb on top of you.

Sex quickies

Or on the beach. For me, evenings at home are sacred. Touch and kiss and rub and play and let the moment take you where it wants to go, before you know it, the big O will likely follow! At The Airport For those who are risky and up for a little challenge, an airport is super-sexy way to have a quickie. It is part of the many ways that men and women differ, but for some quickie action, the early hours of the a. That need-you-now urgency is hot, plus brevity keeps us in the moment. The viennese oyster or spooning positions for example can work around the constrictions of tights with boots. Take her towel and start kissing her neck. Kiss, hold hands, whisper in her ear. So leave that door or window cracked or time things just a little too close and let the threat of being caught get her to the finish line sooner. Wherever you go, come up with the must-bang list together and you will both be giddy with anticipation of checking it off. You can find her at www. Author and psychologist Joel Block has suggested that the quickie is a necessary part of a relationship, and suggests practical ways for both partners to enjoy the experience. After a few glasses of toxic rum punch, you both might feel brave enough to find a guest room, lock the door and have at it. Getting naked is generally on the menu when it comes to sex. On Your Break If you and your girlfriend are lucky enough to work within a simple commute to your home, block off an hour-and-a-half lunch one day and meet back home to have sex quickly before heading to your afternoon meetings and deadlines. Maybe you want to have sex in a cabana bed. So get her head in the game early. Make it happen again: And when she says she ready for you, watch out, orgasm is likely soon to follow. So forget that filthy bar bathroom or that cheap hotel. You can consider a few places for it: On Vacation If you've heard that vacation sex is a thing, believe it. Bring up the last quickie, Chavez suggests. Spend time on her outer lips first and then and let your tongue find her clitoris and refuse to stray. Generally, the term presupposes that foreplay is skipped and that at least one of the partners climaxes.

Sex quickies

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Location Even quickies deserve a good setting. You generally want to secure the perimeter when you are settling in for a long session.

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