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His montage is quick, with dynamic juxtapositions, interruptions, and repetitions. His loss is far more metaphysical and is compounded by his chosen medium of representation, the cinema. Kuchar invokes memory only through the proffering of still photos to the video gaze, and not as a structure of loss and salvage. Linking the Igorots in the Philippines with the Navajo is perhaps an essentialist ploy, and yet it is also a function of his assumed identity as Magellan's slave. Self-deprecating humor has also been found to be helpful when dating. She follows this performance with a message saying, "that scared me too.

Self deprecating sense of humor

He feels these infirmities of time as an injustice, and he reacts to that injustice like Che Guevara, like the youth of the 60s, with indignation. As the memory of the trip becomes enmeshed with historical processes and cultural differences, the filmic image becomes the site of a complex relationship between "I was there" and "this is how it is. I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone. The first document his annual trips to "Tornado Alley," in the central and southern United States, where he goes to view tornadoes. The imperial eye looking back on itself is also a subject in history. As a young lesbian, Benning's persona is constructed against the trappings of youth culture, media culture, and feminism. I hope you never have to run for your lives. He rarely looks very long at anyone, except his own children, at which point he assumes the role of the father in a domesticated mode of film production. But the disparate images that he has collected and edited together in Sans Soleil do not work quite that way. Filmmaking is inscribed in a film such as Reminiscences as the means of transcending this splitting. The pre-text of the images is precisely the inequities of global capital, but when they are cut off from their historical "origins" and enter the world of appearances, the shock of discontinuity is obliterated by the nostalgic operations of the traveler's memory, unable to detach himself from his having-been-there. She performs herself by dressing up, wearing different wigs and makeup, and offering lingering close-ups of different parts of her face and body. Appropriation is an economics, an aesthetic, and an identity. Journeys of the Self Catherine Russell In those early years I got to know the "town" only as the theater of purchases, on which occasions it first became apparent how my father's money could cut a path for us between the shop counters and assistants and mirrors, and the appraising eyes of our mother, whose muff lay on the counter. Mekas takes full advantage of the Bolex camera's light weight and shutter control. Most certainly many former students, no matter what high school they attended, ask the age old question, "Why should I attend my class reunion? Mekas himself appears often in family groups, and he seems to fit right in. This narrative technique endows the texts with a certain hermeticism, accentuating the sense of infinite coverage by creating a seamless diegesis despite the ad hoc, improvised style of narration and shooting. Benning uses pixelvision as the language of youth, of a small voice. Cultural otherness — "Africa" and "Japan" — come to represent a premodernity subsisting within postmodern technologies and politics. She tells a story about a man who tried to abduct her, and she offers photos of schoolchildren over the sound of a music box. The problem becomes one for the spectator, who has no point of origin with which to identify. Just to name things, to list them, is sufficient. A class analysis is projected onto fleeting memories, along with a recognition of gender roles, and even an analysis of the gaze. After a sequence about the struggle for independence in Bissau and the continued difficulties of a postcolonial economy, the narrator says, "My personal problem is more specific: Then we are frustrated that the kids aren't old enough and we'll be more content when they are. At the same time, that identity is precisely that of a displaced person.

Self deprecating sense of humor

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Self Deprecating Humor

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