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Such phrases originated, no one can say when. A visit to all, going 23 skidoo, meant having a very good time. He explains that when he was a jockey, he worked at a track which only had room for 22 horses to start in a line. A small boy with several papers under his arm had edged up until he was trespassing on the territory of the other. Van's show, The Errand Boy: When Sydney Carton, the protagonist of the story, is beheaded, the old woman calls out "Twenty-three! Sidney Carton , the hero of the novel, goes to the guillotine in place of Charles Darnay , the husband of the woman he loves. Twenty-two has gone and Sidney Carton answers to — Twenty-three.


At his hearing, Marlson is asked by the judge how the expression came about. When little Bright Eyes cuts the cake for you Count twenty ere you eat the honey-goo Which leads to love and matrimony — see? The man looked at the beggar in cold disgust and said: When Sydney Carton, the protagonist of the story, is beheaded, the old woman calls out "Twenty-three! Marlson also says in the article that the expression was originally "23, skidoo for you. The building is located on 23rd Street at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and Broadway , the latter two of which intersect at an acute angle. Because of the shape of the building, winds swirl around it. If a 23rd horse was added, the long shot would be lined up behind the 22 horses on the front line. A visit to all, going 23 skidoo, meant having a very good time. After the mines were depleted, the town ceased to exist. It referred to a square marked 23 You Lose on the cloth which had 48 printed squares but only the one You Lose square. Most thought it would be easy, but the immensely hard rock along the course made it very difficult; it was eventually accomplished by a determined engineer. His career is ended and he passes from view. This became, by a logical extension, an in-crowd, underworld expression indicating that for whatever reason the person addressed would not get what he was seeking and should clear out. Now, twenty-three for yours, mister, skidoo! The phrase "Twenty-three" is in a sentence in the close of that powerful novel. The term "23 Skidoo" was then used as a statement of irony, something like "duck soup": Apparently, "23 skidoo" implied that if the horse in the back was to have any chance of winning, it would really have to run very fast. Burke claims that the term "skidoo" was coined in by the musical comedy star Billy B. When the big boy saw the small one he went at him in a threatening manner and said: Such expressions often obtain a national use, as instanced by "rats! Twenty-two has gone and Sidney Carton answers to — Twenty-three. A True McGlook once handed this to me: During the early s, groups of men reportedly gathered to watch women walking by have their skirts blown up, revealing legs, which were seldom seen publicly at that time. Van's show, The Errand Boy: The time is during the French Revolution , when prisoners were guillotined by the hundred.


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Less than two months later, popular slang author George Ade described having heard a new slang expression, "twenty-three":

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