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Variants[ edit ] Pair of Dragunovs imported to the U. Recoil is stout on these light rifles. In the early s, Izhevsk introduced the Tigr Tiger hunting rifle with a fixed thumbhole stock without a cheekpiece. To attain this level of accuracy the sniper could not engage more than two such targets per minute. Newer production models feature synthetic furniture made of a black polymer — the handguard and gas tube cover are more or less identical in appearance, while the thumbhole stock is of a different shape. The SVDK uses a rimless 9.

Russian dragunov sniper rifle

Dragunov, he describes the complicated task of obtaining this goal. The rifle can also fire standard 7. Accurate aimed fire at fleeting targets is possible due to the 4 power scope's wide field of view and lead correction markings on the reticle. Kazakh soldiers on exercise. The result was a precise and accurate weapon system capable of engaging targets out as far as yards. Any contemporary sniper accessories can be fitted on to it. These cosmetic similarities can lead to mis-categorization of the Dragunov as an AK variant. The Russian military has established accuracy standards that the SVD and its corresponding sniper grade ammunition have to meet. This is also why a bipod can not be effectively mounted below the hand guards. To attain this level of accuracy the sniper could not engage more than two such targets per minute. It is fitted for the Soviet-era PSO-1 optical sight. The current version of the sight is the PSO-1M2. Coupled with a slightly reworked trigger offering a smoother response and the SVD became the weapon of choice for "headhunters" requiring range and effectiveness as well as ease-of-use and general reliability. And as an infantry weapon, the rifle also came with a bayonet. Overall weight of the rifle was 9. The reticule is illuminated by a small battery-powered lamp. It is used for when the rifle does not reliably cycle due to carbon fouling build-up in the gas port, when shooting in extreme cold or high altitude or using low-powered ammunition. Early SVDs had the receiver markings applied by hand with an engraving tool. Photo by RomanS of militaryphotos. The fore-end has four longitudinal slots on each side instead of six short slots. Its main purpose is to extend the reach of an infrantryman beyond the limitations of their standard rifle's caliber and sighting system. Operating mechanism[ edit ] The Dragunov is a semi-automatic , gas-operated rifle with a short-stroke gas-piston system. A soldier stationed in Iraq emailed this photo of a personal trophy liberated in the field. The recoil is moderate, despite the powerful ammunition. Some of the early variants included wooden grips and butts; however, newer models have plastic grips, whereas butts can be made from wood or plastic.

Russian dragunov sniper rifle

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SVD Dragunov Sniper Rifle Built by Soviets - MADE in the USSR

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