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There is a second method of milking that I will not go into detail about since it has the potential to ruin the male body's ability to orgasm. Important things to remember: Communicate at all times. There are also lots of mind games you can play, to effectively deny your partner an orgasm, or to make them think twice about cheating. There is no right or wrong way to play. This is where I put, or tie, slave in a kneeling position on a table or bed, where I can gain access to his penis by reaching between his legs from the rear. Basically, it's wise to regularly flush out the prostate in the spirit of good health.

Ruined orgasm technique

There isn't even time to spit or swallow. You are only doing it wrong if you are not enjoying yourself. Methods of orgasm denial: While this may be the driving force for some, it is worth noting that submission and orgasm denial are two separate desires. I pretend it is a necessary chore. Orgasm denial and chastity can be a huge amount of fun for those who enjoy playing in this way. Surprisingly , some guys very much detest this kind of a session. Not even a millimeter up or down. For these couples, the thrill might be in the tease. But the very instant that I start to feel I'm going over the edge, I tell her to stop. You can then test it out with a finger, and if the contractions begin again remove it. He might be locked back into the cage and denied the ability to orgasm leading him incredibly sexually frustrated and howling for more. I would punish him with a caning him straight after any failures. In some cases I have known that some men can even become more affectionate and emotional than normal in its aftermath. If it stays in this full state for too long there can be a toxin buildup that contributes to prostate cancer. I often issue a warning….. Draining Method This is a favourite among some circles, but time consuming, requires patience and an understanding of your sub. Limp as linguini and drifting off to sleep. However, be warned, that every additional stroke, touch or sensation applied after this method can result in a partial orgasm. These are the dudes who all their lives have gotten too used to quick meaningless self-gratification , they are all self-centered around their wants and wishes which results in a total inability to relinquish control over to me. Either way, I then return to full hand masturbation a couple more times to get him ready again, and then back to the finger manipulation. OK, so that's the first phase. The frame of the chastity device will be able to provide vibrations down the entirety of the shaft, stimulating it to a very frustrating orgasm. Immediately after stimulation is stopped, the frenulum on the underside of the head is slapped hard. From her point of view, the pay-off is in me being able to last long enough for her to have many many orgasms in one night.

Ruined orgasm technique

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This is important to take note off. The reason is simple, with your fingers you will be able to actively feel what you are stimulating and you will actually find it a lot easier.

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