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Fear airs Saturday, October 21 at 9 p. When Venus first appeared, she was very voracious and typically acted as a pet. She also seems to constantly clarify whenever she is joking or not, as she once said: Train Engineer Frank and Len[ edit ] Rockers by nature, these conjoined brothers live in the mansion's garage. Ruby Gloom began as a stationery line, and was featured on pencil cases, backpacks, clothing, keychains, and plush toys which were sold through doeworld a subsidiary of Mighty Fine. Skull Boy remarks that Poe's Oxford accent has vanished much to Poe's discomfort. Despite this fact, Frank and Len are close. Towards the end of the website changed to forum only dubbed "The Mansion". Neighbour Stephanie Knightleigh is hosting a Halloween party, but the twins want to have a party of their own.

Ruby gloom icons

By the end of the website had been redesigned and featured an interactive mansion to explore and user submitted artwork. The vocalist is the jazzy Skele-T, instantly recognized by his outfit, earrings and gold tooth. He also enjoys eating mosquitoes. When Venus first appeared, she was very voracious and typically acted as a pet. Poe meanwhile, as a man of culture and sophistication, likes to think of himself as a role model to the rest of the mansion's residents. She also talks like a valley girl and has a Hawaiian flower in her hair. The band contains four skeletons. Minor characters[ edit ] Mr. This constant state of fear is perfect for Boo Boo, the mansion's ghost, since Scaredy is the only one who is afraid of him. Despite this, he and Scaredy Bat seem to be good friends perhaps best friends. After that though, his only real motivation for staying in the mansion has been to scare Scaredy Bat, as he hasn't been able to scare anyone else since, besides people from outside of Gloomsville. According to the leaders of the Ghost Family two large, mobster-type ghosts who go by the names of Mr. When he first arrived at the mansion, Boo Boo wasn't an official ghost in that he couldn't pass through walls and only Doom Kitty, Ruby's cat, could see him. The product line had an interactive website where users could chat in a forum, and click around for free things such as desktop icons and screensavers. Addams Family Values airs Sunday, October 22 at 6 p. Motley — Misery's great great really great grandmother. White, who is usually driving their mode of transport. They have their own garage band, known as R. For more information, please contact: Neighbour Stephanie Knightleigh is hosting a Halloween party, but the twins want to have a party of their own. Edgar and Allan are rarely seen and when they are, they never speak but act as Poe's bodyguards and servants since they are taller than him. Later, she is convinced that he is a special one of a kind friend. Fear airs Saturday, October 21 at 9 p. Viewers can visit the Ruby Gloom interactive mini-site at www. They thought Ruby and her friends were about to get rid of them despite knowing that what Ruby and her friends do delights everyone else. Voiced by Peter Keleghan.

Ruby gloom icons

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Ruby Gloom

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Poe is fond of claiming to be a descendant of Edgar Allan Poe's pet budgie Paco, which is proven in the episode "Time Flies".

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