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This partner is a perfectionist. They are also accustomed to a dominant role in decision making. Also for a Rooster being of practical assistance to a partner as in helping them set up a house or prepare a presentation is extremely important — indeed this is best way they can express their love. Tigers are so talkative, so if people want to make friends with them, they need to learn to be patient listeners first. Roosters are quite meticulous about schedules and plans. Once their relationship is settled, nothing can break it.

Rooster tiger compatibility

As the smart Monkey likes to laugh at the Tiger endlessly and the Tiger only knows to be angry as a result of being fooled. They are passionate about various causes, and quite enjoy the chance to flex their muscles in a conflict. Then again the Tiger is not one to succumb to conventional notions of commitment; they like their freedom and are wary of pledging himself to a single person. And though this might not appear to help much in their love lives, the very fact that they share important values could work to keep them together in the journey of life. Each of these signs is strong of character. Male Female Personality In Chinese culture, Rooster represents fidelity and punctuality, for it wakes people up on time. You are both passionate, but will rail against each other. People born in the year of the Tiger are friendly, brave, competitive, charming and endowed with good luck and authority. The female tiger is versatile and has wide interests. Positive Traits The passionate nature of the tiger man could be the main thing that the rooster woman fell in love with. Perhaps you might have been advised by your friends to call it quits. At home, they get used to make decisions and manage money, which actually saves a lot of trouble for husband. Tigers have short fuses, and can get upset quickly. They need to communicate more with each other to make their marriage life smooth. The tiger will find their dominating partner to be problematic because they will not want to give up their independent nature and follow anyone else. These two Chinese zodiac signs will have certain traits that fit together well and then others that will not fit together so well. Rooster believes in hard work and attaining perfection. The moral of this story is that you may get along famously as colleagues or friends, but if you have to live with each other the friction will be too much. The rooster wants nothing less than perfection and are very logical. The Rooster on the other hand needs some kind of security in a relationship since lack of stability might further heighten her innate nervousness and cause her to further withdraw into herself. For centuries, people have trusted their Chinese horoscopes to give them greater insight into themselves and others. They like to win and never lose, even in a very small competition. This is an aspect that basically comes out naturally. Rabbit They may fight or squabble with each other sometimes, but they know how to make compromise to fix their relationship. There is something that Tiger Rooster in love would be bringing to the table in Tiger Rooster love compatibility. The rooster is normally strict when it comes to getting the finer details about a particular activity.

Rooster tiger compatibility

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A Chart That Explains the Compatibility Between Chinese Zodiac Signs

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This kind of contrary attitude hardly bodes well for the Tiger-Rooster couple.

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