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He will let his mate rant and rave while bottling his emotions within. She needs to find a healthy balance of independence and closeness with a mate who is her equal. Libra Rising Libra rising are ruled by Venus, which typifies grace, diplomacy, and elegance. Moreover, they are hot natured; they like games and excitement. Whatever the case may be, this relationship remains etched in your minds. She is generally outgoing and attracts many friends of both sexes. They like the passionate, adventurous, and targeted attitudes of Sagittarius, which is placed at the house of partnership just opposite the Ascendant, because while Gemini rising knows everything, they need someone to organize the information, extending their knowledge to new levels, just like a typical Sagittarius. They touch souls with their warm attitudes and attract attention wherever they go. They like to play games, but if these games last too long, they can display manic attitudes.

Rising sign compatibility in romantic relationships

This makes them ambitious and obsessive. She wants to be loved and has to be protected. You are comfortable with one another, and you make each other feel good. Everyone approves of them, and the public adores their actions, because they know how to appeal to the heart and soul. They excel at organized working and are inclined to specialize on specific topics. The rising sign is like an organizer that sets the stage for the life purpose indicated by our Sun sign. Aquarius rising are a combination of these two energies, with some being dominated by Uranus and others by Saturn. They feel happy, even for the slightest things, and they want to see everyone happy. They are strategists that like to give service to others. She really isn't into lingerie or any of the other feminine dressings unless she has a strong sun or moon in a feminine sign like Pisces. They are both lucky and exuberant. They are always friends with the shopkeepers and other people living in the same area. The theme for this combination is ease. It can seem like fate had a hand in getting you together, because the way you meet may be serendipitous. They can be the happiest of people if everything is as they wished, but they can be the saddest if things do not work out. Its secondary ruler is Jupiter. The men always remind me of pajamas because they like lazing at home. Having the Sun, Moon, or some personal planets in signs that are harmonious with the Ascending and Descending signs of both individuals is usually important for there to be an initial shared attraction. They are either thin or medium build, and they generally lilt like thin trees. Being social is important to them, and they are good when working in this area. She needs romance and all of its trappings. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, at the pinnacle of their charts teaches them tactics and strategies. They are ambitious, competitive, and disciplined. They work in well creative and political fields and enjoy public relations and social interactions. In fact, all civilizations are affected by Gemini. Pluto Pluto is the great transformer. Being ruled by the Sun, Leo rising need to exist where the Sun is placed in their charts.

Rising sign compatibility in romantic relationships

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Moon in Pisces Characteristics & Compatibility

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They cannot tolerate stupid people and prefer to have smart people around them. They have progressive ideas and want to defend their beliefs.

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