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Of vital importance to anyone interested in sexuality, homosexuality, gender, feminism, and the family. Book One — Helena is a decent foundation for a series to stand on. Unfortunately, mistakes are abound in this novel. Instead of the stuffiness that is characteristic of s England or s anywhere, really , Redway Acres — Helena reads like the whimsical dreams modern day women have of what life was like in the past. He is the perfect embodiment of a gentleman. Maybe his name should have been Tom. The descriptive talent of the author is commendable and the amount of research into this era of England is thorough.

Redway sex

Also, bonus points for the Pride and Prejudice quote at the beginning. Redway was rarely a setting utilized, and it becomes hard to believe Helena is such a horse-lover when she spends all her time in a study, writing to Nathanial. The comments many of the men make about virginity and sex are also uncomfortable at times. The scenes themselves were written delicately, and they never seemed overly graphic or lengthy. Imagine if you could take that season three finale and rewrite it to have a happier ending. From a less technical standpoint, this book also suffers from jumping from one interest to another. It creates a vicious cycle. Maybe his name should have been Tom. Nussbaum Oxford University Press, - psl. For the most part, they were handled well. Though this book is fairly breezy, there are mature themes such as rape and assault. Her story is one of horses, strength of will, music, friendship, love and loyalty. Even when you think he is fully changed, he reverts back to the opinions instilled in him from childhood. These mistakes are frequent, and are the culprits in drawing readers out of the story. And no, that is not a jab at the book. I enjoyed being taken back to a time long past and interacting with characters of this time. There she will raise her daughter. Helena no longer needs Harriet as a way to visit Eastease, so she becomes irrelevant. He is the perfect embodiment of a gentleman. He is initially wrapped up in the ideals of his society, where war is fought for personal dignity and the biggest concern about rape is how best to sweep it under the rug. An out-of-touch one, but a gentleman nonetheless. Unfortunately, mistakes are abound in this novel. She makes friends with an old widower in a ramshackle cottage, the family from a local, grand estate and their friend, a colonel and second son of the Earl of Aysthill, Nathaniel Ackley. Nathanial is dislikable at times, but that is only because he was written to be a person, not a character. Apr 07, Jordan rated it really liked it Recommends it for:

Redway sex

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Nathanial is dislikable at times, but that is only because he was written to be a person, not a character. The plot of the novel follows Helena, a refreshingly resilient and quick-witted woman, and her plight of propriety versus freedom.

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