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St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne the foundation stone was laid in The Census records show some Sikhs were classified as a martial race by the officials of the British Empire , who believed they were brave, loyal and well-built for fighting. This is similar to the census data released in , which revealed that one in three Punjabi women didn't earn any income at all. Nearly 10 per cent of people living in Craigieburn in Victoria are Punjabi speakers, making this the most popular suburb for Punjabis in Australia. To explore how many Punjabi speakers live in your state or suburb, use the following tool from SBS Census explorer Four out of five Punjabis in Australia were born in India, and belong to the Sikh faith. Punjabi speakers have almost doubled in Australia in five years The percentage of people speaking only English at home has declined from

Punjabi community in melbourne

In , a temple was established in South Melbourne by the Sze Yap group. There are more males than females in the Punjabi population of Australia, although the largest majority of them fall in the age group years. In the s and '60s the Sikhs worked hard and started to purchase land and start their own banana farms. According to the latest censue, almost 30 per cent of Punjabi women don't have any gainful employment and earn 'nil income'. The hawking system was based on credit, with warehouses selling goods to Indian wholesalers on credit, who provided the hawkers their stock on credit, who in turn sold their goods to the farmers and farmhands on credit. Initially they had a strong presence in the Atherton Tableland region of Queensland and the Northern Rivers of New South Wales , especially Maclean , Harwood and Clarence , where they worked as manual labourers, mainly working on the sugar cane fields, but also finding work in other industries such as the construction of railways. From there the competition grew and in netball , soccer and kabaddi. This combined the need to strengthen links to counter the growing threat of an expansionist and industrialised Japan saw Indians of Australia given rights far greater than that of other Asian groups through a series of steps between and , Indians in Australia were allowed limited property rights, were given the right to vote and allowed a pension. While the hawkers were usually well received by the people of the country, with many stories of the hawkers cooking curries with the wives and playing cricket with the men, their success worried some politicians. They are often mistaken for who they are not, due to Sikh men required to wear a "Turban" as one of the 5 articles of faith. Whereas early immigration was mainly as labourers working in the country, new migrants are now mainly based around the major cities, working in a variety of fields from driving taxis to health professionals. Towards the end of the 19th century, Indian hawkers , a large number of whom were Sikh, became a common sight in the country regions throughout the country. The laws made it impossible for Sikhs to enter the country unless they were merchants or students, who themselves were only allowed in for short periods of time; it also made it impossible for Sikhs who already lived in the country from returning to the motherland, as they would be barred re-entry. As Indians were allowed naturalisation, the first true Sikh Australians came into being. In the Census, people are asked about their country of birth, the languages they speak at home, proficiency in English, their ancestry and their religion. With steady work and income, the Sikh men started to bring their wives from Punjab to Australia. A census from showed that there were 'Hindus and Sikhs' although they would have mostly been Sikh in Victoria. St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne the foundation stone was laid in The Census records show some The great majority stayed briefly for prospecting purposes rather than as permanent settlers. Whereas, as per anecdotal evidence collected by Sikh Council of Australia inc, there are approximately , Sikhs in Australia and the number of Punjabi speakers is even higher. Sikhs were recorded as being present on the gold fields of Victoria during the time of the Victorian gold rush of the s and '60s. Peddling was a common occupation in rural India and was readily transplanted to rural Australia, due to its widely dispersed population. Judaism[ edit ] Four out of ten Australian Jews call Melbourne home. Punjabi Population Access Greater Melbourne Punjabi population statistics in an up-to-date, accurate website based on the latest Census data. To find out more about the Punjabi community in Australia, please click on the audio feature above audio is in Punjabi , or visit SBS Census Explorer and search for the data yourself. As such they were preferentially recruited to the British armed forces as part of the Sikh Regiment , which quickly became the most decorated regiment in the Empire. Historians place the number of Indians in Australia at federation in somewhere between and

Punjabi community in melbourne

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The states and territories with the highest proportion of Sikhs are Victoria 0.

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