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The man turned out to be Kanwar Bains, the newspaper's news editor and the meeting took place outside the paper's office. They are here as part of mandated counselling for alcohol or drug addiction, or domestic violence. The agency sees several women every month seeking help. He offered to give the number of a Brampton clinic to check the sex of the fetus after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The woman was frail, constantly crying as her two young daughters clung to her, Kaur recalled of the meeting at a Mississauga coffee shop.

Punjabi call girl in brampton

Then a man in the front row pipes up: Then a heavy-set man replies he has nothing against girls, but boys do carry on the family name. Mutta warns education on gender equality is key. It won't go away overnight. Now she was pregnant again with a female fetus. Canadian law says a patient is entitled to all their own medical information. But statistics here, now home to more than a million Indo-Canadians, many from Punjab, also show a somewhat skewed gender ratio. Article Continued Below Posing as a pregnant Punjabi woman, a Star reporter met the man after answering an ad in the Ajit Weekly, a Punjabi-language newspaper printed in Mississauga. But this scene on an industrial strip was not played out in Punjab, but just west of Toronto, in an area a large number of Punjabis now call home — and where the latest Canadian census figures reveal significantly fewer girls than boys in the South Asian community. But Blake acknowledges an ethical quandary in revealing that information "if a doctor suspects an infant's life would be terminated based on gender. The numbers in the South Asian community in the Toronto area become much more skewed: Her in-laws had subsequently forced her to have two abortions after ultrasounds indicated she was carrying girls. The man turned out to be Kanwar Bains, the newspaper's news editor and the meeting took place outside the paper's office. It's a huge topic of debate in India, with an alarmingly skewed birth ratio of boys to girls. For a few moments, the only sound is a creaking chair as a man shifts uncomfortably. It's easy to find out. If it's a girl, whether you want to keep her or not," he said. Take two red and brown pills each day for a week, he tells the woman who says she is nine weeks pregnant, and your baby has an 85 per cent chance of being a boy. Mutta said he has no doubt female feticide — aborting a female fetus — also is prevalent among Punjabis in Canada. Another man tells how his wife cried her heart out when she gave birth to a girl. But nothing prepared her for a young Malton mother who sought help. He said a woman cannot be more than 12 weeks pregnant for the pills to work. Gandhi, in practice for 15 years with mostly South-Asian clients, tells them at the outset there is a chance of having a boy. The woman's in-laws told her she could keep the baby and return to India, or have the abortion. According to India's census, the northern state of Punjab has one of the worst gender ratios at girls to 1, boys. Desperate to avoid giving birth to girls, women for decades have taken extreme measures. Even if we lose one girl, it's a shame.

Punjabi call girl in brampton

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Star reporter Raveena Aulakh, posing as an expectant mother, is handed bags of pills in an industrial area in Mississauga by Kanwar Bains, news editor of a Punjabi-language newspaper. The agency sees several women every month seeking help.

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