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It helps that we have 8 courts. Thread did start to go off on a tangent and the opener itself if framed correctly is relatively full proof. I'm much more likely to introduce myself like "you look familiar" or "do i know you? I actually like it. Most notabally when I'm hitting the town at night I will be focused on meeting girls. That does not mean I will not open a girl at the gym or at the grocery store if that girl is jaw droppingling beautiful.

Pua gym

I also flirt with the girls who work there when I return my towel, and they're always really bored so its easy to get conversation going. Login or register to post. Sun Sep 21, 5: Possibly because most women are in the gym to work on their bodies and may tend to be a bit more self conscious about themselves. Most notabally when I'm hitting the town at night I will be focused on meeting girls. Girls go to the gym [presumably] to work out. I have seen both. Posted August 7th, at It helps that we have 8 courts. If you get blown out, it's definitely worse than in the club where nobody can hear or see anything. Is what's harder is "gaming" the girls in front of all of the guys in the weight room, where its VERY obvious. To be honest, I run almost ZERO day game at all out of personal preference and probably do better then most guys who run game day and night. Trusted Member Join Date: They have a different frame of mind and to me, i just save all of my game for the club bars. There's been a couple occasions where I make really strong eye contact with a VERY hot girl, like gorgeous face and super tight tan body, but I'm drenched in sweat, my mouth is foaming and reeks. The best way is just to banter with the girl and say that you see her around there a lot. They may seem to be abit more on the defensive when a guy approaches them in any manner. Then I would say quite aggresively but playfully and in a disbeliveng manner, "are you sure? I have skills of a PUA. There was this other time that is probly more rare to happen, but I this fine young woman was kind of blocking the path to get from one place to another while doing curls or some shit, and I'm like "Sheesh, your always trying to get in my way" making sure to smile playfully. I decide to be a PUA when I find the time is most appropriate. I actually like it. And I'm like "Reeeally? I dont see no sweat. And on the otherhand, some women may even be more open to approaches. The question of course, did you close?!

Pua gym

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It just happens to be an area I don't focus on cuz I'm trying to live a balanced life and accomplish other shit in my life simultaneously. It helps that we have 8 courts.

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