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Basically, this time, cleanliness is a priority for me. Ask anyone who's had a colonoscopy If you plan to do anything afterwards, the condom makes it a lot easier to clean up his parts. There was no santorum, probably because we didn't go for long and we didn't use commercial lube -- I'm amazed he totally ignored all the books' and guides' recommendations and it still turned out fine, I wasn't in any pain. One of the first things people are afraid of is the cleanliness factor.

Prepping for anal

After my first time, I plan to get a lot more casual about this, probably just cleaning the way I do for anal play now. I want my digestive tract empty as of Saturday afternoon, so do I eat this fiber Friday night? On my own, I have no trouble handling my waste. Don't fast, for heaven's sake -- you want to keep your strength up for your anal adventures! He might be right, but if shit happens, I'd rather clean up quickly than plow through it without blinking, you know? Everyone needs lubricant for anal sex. Also, try stimulating the area surrounding the anus before diving in with fingers, toys or penises. Besides, he's already okay with it, and unless you're really flexible you're not going to be able to thoroughly investigate for poop while you guys are doing it. No pictures of genitals are allowed. So I'm not asking any questions that can be answered with "more lube, more patience. Make this experience as pleasurable and soothing as possible for yourself. There was no santorum, probably because we didn't go for long and we didn't use commercial lube -- I'm amazed he totally ignored all the books' and guides' recommendations and it still turned out fine, I wasn't in any pain. Have lots of washcloths or paper towels handy for hand-wiping the lube gets everywhere , cleaning up messes, etc, and put on clean sheets before going to sleep that night. So for what I can reach, I'm happy sticking with what's worked so far. Don't strain yourself into a hemorrhoid doing it though. At first, I thought everything was fine, but bam, lurking turd way up there. As Maias says, all the bad stuff is one storey up. First, you can buy a hose that attaches to the bath faucet. Anal sex can be incredibly hot but it is often misunderstood and can be intimidating. Never, ever, ever go from anal sex to vaginal without using condoms and changing them in between orifices. Anal on Saturday night, how to prepare Friday or Saturday? Neither of you should put pressure on for it to happen. I'm confident I can get the bottom " of my digestive tract -- as far as our fingers reach -- to be squeaky clean. Shower beforehand- maybe transition into an erotic bath? Yeesh, no wonder they look, and act, hungry. As far as I know, not eating after Saturday morning will not prevent further poopage Saturday night. You can't realistically clean out your "entire digestive tract" short of going the route of colonoscopy prepping.

Prepping for anal

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You could also try an anal "douche", available at adult stores. If in doubt, don't increase the volume -- just repeat the experience.

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