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You and your partner should experiment with something a bit smaller, like a finger or a toy. You can always rely on using your own natural lubrication, however, investing in a quality lube can make the process easier. If you are worried about discomfort, make sure you know that he will be gentle and stop if you need him to. No more than four hours before sex, use the restroom and make sure you are wiped, clean and ready to go down there. You can easily find a gay-friendly or gay-identifying doctor through Lighthouse to avoid negative discrimination or stigma. When bottoming hurts, it could be that your anus is anatomically too tight or you are unable to relax, which is oftentimes a psychological response. Check out his expert advice on how to make anal sex more pleasurable: The ins and outs of gay sex: Appl Nurs Res 17, —

Prepare for anal sex

If you try to clean high up, the water will mix with the stool. Dental dams may be used as a protective barrier to minimize the risk of infection, but can obviously be awkward to use. You can easily find a gay-friendly or gay-identifying doctor through Lighthouse to avoid negative discrimination or stigma. There is a certain taboo around the subject that makes it especially hard for women to ask for advice and get their friends opinions, which does not make it any easier. AIDS 30, — Having a trusting and compassionate partner makes the experience easier. In general, men should consume grams of fiber per day, and women should consume grams of fiber per day. A version of this article appeared in the Wednesday, November 13, print edition of the Daily Nexus. Because when it comes to bottoming — or any part of your sex life — no subject should be taboo. Clinical elicitation of the penilo-cavernosus reflex in circumcised men. Whether you like it or not, the skin lining your anus has a ridiculously high concentration of nerve endings, so nobody — boys or girls, gays or straights — should be afraid of exploring back there to get some extra OOMPF in their sex lives. While any water-based lubricant will do, I suggest Astroglide for its the long-lasting and slick consistency. Matt Togni is currently on his way to the nearest CVS. Ensure that there is no soap in the enema, as this can cause more irritation. Just remember, it is okay to be nervous however do not let that nervousness ruin the experience. Email Sexual exploration is always a bit nerve wracking, especially when it comes to trying anal for the first time. It is something new and, much like losing your virginity, you need to learn and practice. Slowly working up to it and taking your time and being gentle will make the process as easy on you as it can be. You can voluntarily control the outer sphincter, but the inner sphincter is controlled by the involuntary nervous system and clenches in response to stress. It is an easy way to ease into it. Second, keep in mind that after the enema is about 1. Do not let this upset you. Last weekend at some party, my friends were having a raunchy conversation about their best lays in Isla Vista. Fiber helps bulk up stool and decreases liquidity, further minimizing the chance of a mess. It is okay to be nervous and shy about the subject, but just be open with your partner about your concerns. Many people have had negative bottoming experiences in the past or simply have a fear of the unknown, rendering them unable to relax their anus and enjoy safe and pain-free anal intercourse. Search for a doctor who gets you:

Prepare for anal sex

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Preparing For Anal Sex

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